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(18-04-2020, 09:22 PM)holymage Wrote: Franking speaking, retirees have no excuse to put their retirement savings into stocks, to depend on dividends for income (with the measly 3-4% yield), when CPF retirement accounts yields 2.5-6%. Should there be capital losses, it is on their greed or ignorance.

This measly yield of stocks including trusting one's hard-earned tax deducted money to strangers does the job to amplify the yields of the CPF with no capital loss. It is certainly a "win" for CPF at 4.3% of mine.
Though there is no requirement for dividends to be paid out, I notice nowadays that SGX tends to ask for explanation when companies have not distributed dividends.

Many companies withheld dividends because of Covid. That has caused pains to those who depend on dividends as passive income.
Q&M's has been innovative and is a welcome move.
Q&M Dental has been eager to hitch onto the Covid-19 bandwagon.

For the last 2 months, it has announced a 20% JV (investment amount TBD) with some PRC partners to manufacture surgical masks, and a 51% JV (3mil investment) with some local scientist-entrepreneur to manufacture testing kits.

For the mask manufacturing, it justifies so as securing surgical masks for its dentists. Their "foresight" is really "excellent" because at least most local private medical clinics or hospitals haven't gone their way to manufacture own masks to secure "own supply". Maybe they are just kiasu because dentists ain't on the frontline for covid-19 and hence may be left at the back of the pecking order when crunch time comes. In addition, I am not sure if they have considered the "quality of masks" and also whether masks manufactured in a foreign land will be allowed to ship back in the first place if crunch time really comes (Ho Ching's brouhaha and Trump's ban of 3M N95 exports to Canada, comes to mind).

I will be watching these interesting investments real time and learn whether they will be able to execute it successfully or not.

Mask: http://qandm-dental.listedcompany.com/ne...DC0S.1.pdf
Test kit: http://qandm-dental.listedcompany.com/ne...3431.1.pdf

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