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i thought raffles medical group is one of the rare few healthcare companies that show growth in earnings per share. The other 2 with healthway in their names and this dental one exist to benefit the employed doctors and dentists more than it serves to benefit shareholders.

The lofty 40/50 pe is obviously necessary so that they can use their overvalued currency to buy up other smaller medical or dental companies. As the CEOs of the growing companies, they can then justify their increasing pay but it wont pay to be a shareholder
Any delisting, sale of assets or some other financial engineering actions coming soon?


The company recently spin off Aoxin Q&M dental (china dental operations) on Catalist and got Aidite Qinhuangdao into a Beijing OTC 3rd board - increasing its layers of structure (and complexity).

Interestingly, there was a 5th June 2017 PR by Q&M Dental. The context has little new information and it sounds more like an obligation by Q&M Dental to publish this to help to "advertise/publicize" IES, than anything else?

Q & M’s JV partnership strategy takes off in China; continues to expand its operations in China with support from IE Singapore

Of course, if you were provided help by IE or any other government agencies (Spring, EDB, etc) for that matter, be prepared to return the favour in some way. Wink
Update on Suspected 2019 Novel Coronavirus Cases in Q & M Medical Clinics

The Group has been informed by the Ministry of Health (“MOH”) that the three patients suspected of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (“nCov”) infection seen at its medical clinics located at Tampines 1 and City Square Mall on 5 February 2020 had been tested negative.

The Group will continue to practice stringent precautionary and infection control measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and employees.
Specuvestor: Asset - Business - Structure.
Generally, companies who wants to promptly pay their FY19 final dividends, after announcing their FY19 results earlier, will re-designate the money as 2020 interim. However, Q&M takes it a step further by re-designating their final/special dividend as FY19 interim. This actually brings the payout forward by 2 weeks. I reckon it is possible because the financial statements have not been logged in with ACRA?

It is interesting to see the differences between how companies are facilitating their payout during this covid-19 outbreak period. I don't think a lot of companies have gone the Q&M route. Kudos to Q&M for going the OPMI-friendly way!

Q&M reclassifies final dividend as 'interim' to facilitate payout

Q&M Dental Group is reclassifying the special dividend and final dividend to be paid out to shareholders for the 2019 financial year into a second interim dividend.

Doing so provides certainty to its dividend payment's date as the mainboard-listed dental services group's annual general meeting (AGM) date for FY2019 remains uncertain and is still being deliberated on, according to a regulatory update.

think the owners needs the dividends more urgently than OPMI?? Tongue
1) Try NOT to LOSE money!
2) Do NOT SELL in BEAR, BUY-BUY-BUY! invest in managements/companies that does the same!
3) CASH in hand is KING in BEAR! 
Sgx or sias has been quiet over this matter, doesn't seems right given that exchange, market still running during the cb, paying out dividends payment is also part of essential services rite? Some retirees depend on dividends to live through
Franking speaking, retirees have no excuse to put their retirement savings into stocks, to depend on dividends for income (with the measly 3-4% yield), when CPF retirement accounts yields 2.5-6%. Should there be capital losses, it is on their greed or ignorance.
(18-04-2020, 11:24 AM)pianist Wrote: Sgx or sias has been quiet over this matter, doesn't seems right given that exchange, market still running during the cb, paying out dividends payment is also part of essential services rite? Some retirees depend on dividends to live through

Dividends are paid out over excess of capital required to run the business, not because there is a need to pay capital providers. The former is the founding principle for paying out dividends, while the latter is just the motivation.

I don't remember seeing anything in the Company or Listing Act that says dividends must be paid out, or within certain time frame, with the exception for REITs to qualify for their tax free status.

I do empathize that some retirees depend on dividends to live through. The risk premium of investing in equities is positive but it is only an average value - The fact is that we don't experience average most of the time. The occurrence of every crisis, is a personal time for us to fail, reflect and improve, and become more anti-fragile for the future.

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