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Good morning valuebuddies.
MM had increasingly attracted more valuebuddies attentions and the price is range bound roughly at 320.

Before I vested in MM, I did had a lot of concerns.
It's actually a very small company with its largest revenue coming from China.
It does not have any IP or patents under its belt.  It seems to have a strong material science R&D with A-STAR but nothing proprietary here.

It had also aggressively paid out cash as dividend to shareholder.
On one hand, shareholders should like it (because $$$ come), on the other hand, is this practice sustainable? (too good to be true).

Let's continue to monitor it's (business) performance.
Couldn't wait to see it's FY result.

Meanwhile, enjoy:

Good morning, valuebuddies.
It's nice to wake up with the birds chirping in the wood.
Wish everyone a great and fruitful days ahead.

The questions on buying MM by-luck (lucky) was always in my mind.

When I read Don's yesterday post in VB.com - mentioning that he got lucky and brought MM, I was thinking - you ah lucky? Stand aside bah. I'm actually the one benefited from your (luck) aka I count myself even more lucky.  Tongue

Thank you Don, once again, extracted some of the tips I gathered from you that let me pull the trigger. 
Like you, as of today, MM is one of the 2 stocks I held in CPF since 2012.  Looking back, the price was at a sweet level of 40-50cents.  Big Grin
[Image: uc?id=1lrIGPvAwqrbcxiHbWUI3lgbVMlUojCYS]


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