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Apple Inc.
10-11-2017, 12:56 AM,
Post: #411
RE: Apple Inc.
(08-11-2017, 09:15 PM)VincentWong Wrote: Hey guys just join this forum! hope to learn new things here!

I'd like to ask thing regarding taxation..
us is reviewing a tax reform, and I will change apple profit a lot more.
now the bill is not passed yet, but lets say the bill pass next week, is the tax reduction benefit still apply to the previous week sales of iPhone x? or they would count the tax separately in 1Q?

Not sure. But I think that's immaterial in the bigger picture.. More important is the growth trajectory of Apple (and repatriation, very significant in the case for Apple). I think the future is very bright Smile

The corporate Tax plan looks very aggressive, if succeed, is going to be a very significant positive catalyst for Apple (effective tax rate around 26%)
Quote:The U.S. government wants to reduce the federal corporate tax rate to 20 percent from its current maximum level of 35 percent. It also says profits that companies are holding overseas could soon be repatriated at a rate of around 10 percent.

(recently sold out, but looking to enter again)

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