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Chinese markets plunge more than 5% as US-China trade tensions escalate
23-05-2019, 04:22 PM.
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RE: Chinese markets plunge more than 5% as US-China trade tensions escalate
(23-05-2019, 01:31 PM)bmann025 Wrote: Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon thinks, taking out Huawei is "10 times more important" than a trade deal.

So here we have the real battleground.

Huawei's technology is 2-3 years ahead of the US pack and threatens US tech monopolies and oligopolies. And despite so many clever Chinese people now working and inventing in Silicone Valley, the gap appears to broaden.

On the other side, the US has lost its moral credit among a significant part of the world's population for its catastrophic wars in the last 2 decades. These people want to have an alternative to google, facebook, twitter, microsoft, amazon and mainstream media.

Huawei got most of its tech via many acquisitions of networking companies globally and technology transfers locally.
for eg. in 2011 bought out the half  share of Huawei Symantec for 530 million [Hong Kong-based joint venture established by Huawei and Symantec in 2008]

Why would Symantec want to sell out a profitable business expansion into China? Obviously it was lured to bring technology into China then kena takeover just a few years later

That's what pissing off the Americans. 

The main reason why most nations were getting 5G from them is the cost factor. 

anyways this is also a good read,
A Robot Named 'Tappy': Huawei Conspired To Steal T-Mobile's Trade Secrets, Says DOJ
[Meanwhile, Huawei China was reportedly trying to build its own device-testing robot — named, less cutely, "xDeviceRobot" — and it was not finding much success. And Huawei's devices weren't faring well on T-Mobile's Tappy tests, failing more often than devices made by competitors.]
[A civil lawsuit over the Tappy incident awarded T-Mobile $4.8 million in damages in 2017, The Associated Press reports. "Huawei said in an emailed statement Tuesday that it denies any violations of U.S. law, and that the Tappy allegations were already a settled matter between it and T-Mobile," according to the AP. Huawei now faces ten counts in federal court: conspiracy to steal trade secrets, attempted theft of trade secrets, seven counts of wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.]
[In July 2013, even as it argued that the Tappy incident was the result of a couple rogue employees, Huawei China launched a formal policy of awarding bonuses to employees who stole confidential information from competitors. It emphasized, the indictment says, "that no employees would be punished for taking actions in accordance to the policy."]
Nowadays any tech advances == big money.

Unfortunately China will never respect IP. It still needs to copycat to advance. Hence it will never agree to the main trade deal request of implementing IP laws.
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23-05-2019, 06:35 PM.
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RE: Chinese markets plunge more than 5% as US-China trade tensions escalate
Unfortunately, other countries break IP laws and do industrial espionage as well.

With the US 'owning the internet', and (as revealed by wikileaks) all these backdoors in oligopolist software and hardware (but zero reported in Huawei products so far), they have ability and access like no other player to target anyone. Huawei is now possibly the most interesting target on the planet.

Here is a telling example, how the US NSA utilized the German secret service like a subsidiary to spy on European defence companies for them. That is big boys espionage and a different league everyone else plays:

The US intention is to protect their own monopolies at any cost. Doesn't matter, if Huawei did something wrong or not, the US (rightly) fears, that in free and open markets, Chinese competitors would sooner or later break or even replace these monopolies, just because they are better.

Apart from this, there is much more troubling conduct, often (but not always) for economical advantage, such as breaking agreements, e.g. WTO rules by randomly declaring car imports or whatever a 'national security issues', meddling in other countries political system & media, censoring, producing fake news, sanctioning, threatening or even destroying countries, and pressuring 3rd parties to join in bullying. Notice, there are often international organisations involved, but not one of these has ever sanctioned the misconduct

That is why so many people wish to have an alternative to google, facebook etc.

Just last week brought another delusion about 'our' values, political system and media you most likely did not even notice:

A whistleblower at the OPCW (UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors) leaked an inspection report about the 'chemical weapons attack' in Douma, Syria. That report totally rejected what was told by the US and the OPCW as well, that 2 chlorine cylinders may have been dropped from an aircraft. The 'attack' was staged.

Even more worrying than the OPCW failing in the only task it was created for, was the media response:

Apart from Peter Hitchens, to my knowledge not a single western MSM outlet reported about this scandal, arguably one of the biggest in UN history. Did you read about it in your newspaper?

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