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Given the recent privatisation offer of Breadtalk, I am wondering whether the same wld happen to Sakae if the share price continues to languish. 

NAV : $0.2164
Share price : $0.08 

Total no. of issued shares (excluding treasury shares) : 139,472,000, Mkt Cap : $11.16m
Mr Foo + Raffles Nominees already hold : 22.89% + 43.05%, which is abt 66%.

Its BS (AR2019) show bank loans of $50m(pg 114) agst $66.7m worth of ppty(pg108).

According to the AR, Mr Foo is paid under $750k p.a. so I think it shdn't be a stretch. [FS] [AR]

*not vested*
Profit Guidance: the Group is expected to report a loss for FY2020.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
4QFY2020 as at 30 Jun 2020
Rev $3m (vs 10m)
GP  $2m (vs  6m)
NP  $2m (vs -7m)

FY2020 Result
Rev $29m (vs 44m)
GP  $19m (vs 28m)
Net Loss $0.3m (vs 13m)

With high operating cost pressures, the Food & Beverage industry is expected to face even greater challenges, intensified by the uncertainties of the Covid-19 situation which may include a sudden surge in community cases and consequently the implementation of new measures that may affect dine-in services, consumer demand and market sentiment.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
Sakae 9M2021 Result as at 31Mar2021
Rev S$16m (vs 25m)
GP  S$11m  (vs 16m)
NP  S$0.8m (vs -3m)

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring about a highly uncertain economic climate. The evolution of the virus and the fluctuating infection rates do not bode well for businesses in the the Food & Beverage sector that has been one of the most adversely affected industries.

The Group operates primarily in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, at the time of writing, the Government has re-introduced tighter social control measures that will directly and significantly affect dine-in services, consumer demand and market sentiment. The business outlook in Malaysia is more worrying as the country battles to contain the infection rate. The Malaysian government again recently extended restrictive measures with the announcement of the nationwide Movement Control Order (“MCO”) till 7 June 2021. Further extensions of such restrictive measures cannot be ruled out. Movement restrictions of people together with the associated uncertainties on business operations, will have a significant impact to the Group’s operations.

Having deliberately progressively reduced the number of physical stores, the Group is in a more nimble and agile position to recalibrate its business strategy and direction. Nonetheless, depending on the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic and its continued negative impact on the economy, the Group expects that the financial impact for the rest of the financial year ahead will be contingent on the length and intensity of the economic downturn and the speed of the subsequent economic recovery. The Group will continue to improve its performance by building on its online sales channels and efforts to digitalize its business while exploring new market opportunities, and will also continue to manage business costs cautiously through optimizing operational efficiency.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.

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