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5 hours ago. (This post was last modified: 5 hours ago by dreamybear.)
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RE: Hyflux
(6 hours ago)karlmarx Wrote: As an aside, it seems the only group of investors left unscathed since 2009 are those with a REIT-heavy portfolio.

.... or those holding Best World. Blush  

(6 hours ago)Wildreamz Wrote: Or perhaps investors avoiding the local market completely. The Singapore market is only a tiny faction of the investible universe as a whole.

I do not profess to know many SGX stocks but have looked broadly at banks, telcos, healthcare(i feel these are currently overvalued), semi-conductors(not confident of the state of the cycle we are currently at), O&G(think not really recovering yet), REITS(scared of rights issues), property(scared it's value trap & declining/aging population), commodities(not familiar at all).  Huh

As a result, I hv started tracking SSB.

The good(or bad for the rich) thing abt SGX stocks is the recent relaxation of the security lending requirements, instead of 50,000 units, I think it has dropped to 10,000 units or $10,000 so more of us can have a chance for extra income.

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