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04-09-2017, 11:08 PM.
Post: #11
Rainbow  奔驰-参观斯图加特工厂Famous Mercedes Factory Tour in Stuttgart Tur Pabrik தொழிற்சாலை ட
I droved 300KM and finally parked safely at Mercedes Benz car park.
All parking lot full and I squeeze my Audi into a small parking lot along the road.

Mmm... all these brand new Merc ...
the front bumper has a hook protruding out...
I saw this from Singapore Shipping Corp Ro-Ro photo.
This is to secure the car onto the Ro-Ro.
Normal Car has one secure line and super car will have 2 lines.

I wonder and saw a cafe.
Executive Lunch... less than Euro 10?

What time? still got time before my factory tour starts. 
(I booked the English tour before I booked my air ticket).

I ordered my Executive Lunch and while waiting, I hop up to the 2nd level to save some time.

Okay, a reception cum selling entrance ticket.
Let me chit chat with her.

Q: How are you doing?
A: (smile) Good morning, how can I help you?

Q: I had reserved for a English factory tour later.
A: (frowning) Where is your paper?

I show her my iPhone7P.
A: No, no. This is Mercedes Museum.  You're going to Sindelfingen.

Q: This is not Mercedes Benz Factory?
A: No. It's 30KM away.

Q: What?
A: Yes, I know. This is not the factory.

Zoom, Zoom.
I dashed downstairs to the cafe.
Perfect! My pasta, soup is already served.
In less than 5 mins, I gobbled up everything and run to my Audi.

Mmm... these Mercedes with hook at the front bumper really look like ready for Ro-Ro.

Concentrate... punch in my GPS and off we go.

Super lucky, today no traffic.

GPS: "Your destination is in front."

Parked my car as closed to the front door as possible.

The rest is history.

Enjoy (Sindelfinger) Merc Factory for S and E class:

Oh, that's not the factory tour but outside the factory.
Quiz: What's the favourite color for Mercedes?

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12-09-2017, 09:06 PM.
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Rainbow  Lake Constance and Majestics Rhine Fall
After seeing Industrial 4.0 in action, 
I drove for another 200KM in autobahn to Lake Constance.

It's already late and I asked reception to recommend a place to eat.

And, yes, no more driving for today.

Just walking?
Yes, walking.

Follow her instruction and I walked on a ulu ulu countryside road.

Faint street lamp, cold and still air.

15 mins walk is a good relax reflection.

Its like a school campus or something like that.

Very surprised that its almost full house.

I must be home sick (un-usually me).
So, I ordered a curry puff instead of German food.


[Image: BCS32-1024x768.jpg]

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15-09-2017, 10:55 PM.
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RE: 瑞士莱茵瀑布 欧洲流量最大的瀑布 Rhine Falls
(15-09-2017, 10:41 PM)chialc88 Wrote: [Image: dsc_2447.jpg]

Actually, Rhine falls is in Switzerland and not Germany.

So, I need to cross the broader for a quick trip to Rhine falls.

I parked my car at a petrol station just before going into Switzerland...
... to buy a annual ticket for the right to drive on Swiss Expressway.

Its called Vignette and roughly cost me 35 euro.

No problem, it's like entertaining fees or entrance fees that we need to pay for museum.

Then, suddenly, I stared at my wind screen.

Mmm, there are 2 identical stickers on it.

What's that?

I took a glanced and compare it with google image.


I saved 35 euro.

It's swiss vignette.

I have 2 of them on my car!!!

Says that I'm stingy, 
says that I'm frugal,
says that I'm cheap,
no problem at all, I am not going to paste a 3rd sticker on my car.

Big Grin

Ahh Rhine Falls.
Been several years since I've been there
They have these metal cups/plates that you put around your ears so that the sound of the falls is magnified... hope you tried it there.
Lovely place, not just the Rhine falls, but around the vicinity.
I remember having a cold plate picnic at the grounds right at the base of the falls.
Switzerland is my favorite country to visit in the world

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18-11-2018, 04:29 PM. (This post was last modified: 18-11-2018, 04:31 PM by chialc88.)
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Rainbow  Tonight, there is going to be snow in Dresden 德累斯顿
[Image: dresden-in-winter-germany.jpg]Thank you valuebuddies for all your help.
Thank you very much.

Tonight, there is going to be snow in Dresden 德累斯顿.

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