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Highlights from Webb-site
10-01-2019, 02:31 PM.
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RE: Highlights from Webb-site
(10-01-2019, 05:04 AM)weijian Wrote: Wonders anyone makes such sort of returns on SGX (eg. Prof Mak) due to the poor corporate governance?

The 20%-a-Year Stock Picker Who Wishes His Edge Would Disappear

Webb finds the source of his outperformance troubling. In his view, beating Hong Kong’s stock market by such a wide margin has only been possible because of the city’s weak corporate governance and lax regulatory oversight.

Index wise, Hang Seng Index(+250% since 1995) performed much better over the same period than STI.(+50% since 1995)
So.. it may be more difficult to match Webb in local market?

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19-05-2019, 05:26 PM. (This post was last modified: 19-05-2019, 05:26 PM by weijian.)
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RE: Highlights from Webb-site
This is probably very similar to Spore's own Penny Stock rout issue. But one can imagine that there would be many more such players in the HK market with such depth and retail participation.

The Spectacular Implosion of Dr. Cho’s ‘Nefarious Network’

Hong Kong’s markets are plagued by stock manipulation, share pledging, cross-ownership and margin lending. Regulators say they’re going to take action.

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