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Cogent Holdings
09-09-2017, 12:08 PM,
Post: #31
RE: Cogent Holdings
A sharing from a friend on Cogent's recent news.

According to the announcement, they will be able to house up to 60 students. Based on SLA's website, Cogent bidded $32,362 for the lease.

According to a rental website, the last asking rental price was $950.

Based on the rate of 60 students and $950 monthly rental per student, this brings their total revenue per month to $57,000. As master leasor, this means Cogent's margin is 77% (57,000 / 32,263) without considering other costs of running the hostel.

Take note that this is based on the assumption of full occupancy and at the above rental rates (which might be subjected to changes). This also means that they need roughly 35 students per month to cover their fixed rental costs to SLA.

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