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okay thanks Smile
The company will be delisted from SGX next Mon, 27 Jan 2014


The Company wishes to announce that the Shares of the Company will be delisted from the
Official List of the SGX-ST with effect from 9.00 a.m. on 27 January 2014.

The despatch of such new share certificates to the Non-Accepting Shareholders is expected to take place on 12 February 2014.

“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
A reminder to never forget our own due diligence efforts

"Under Rule 8(1) of the Securities and Futures (Stock Market Listing) Rules, the Securities and Futures Commission, has directed The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited to suspend all dealings in the shares of Sound Global LTD.(stock code: 967) without delay on 13 April 2016."

"This is very unusual and comes less than 3 months after the Stock Exchange allowed trading to resume. The last time the SFC suspended a stock was China High Precision Automation (0591) on 22-Aug-2012, which remains suspended for unknown reasons. The SFC should explain why, or require the company to do so. "
Singapore locals dogged a bullet. Will they be so lucky next time ? Smile

Just my Diary

A leopard cannot change its spots. This scenario looks familiar. Ahaha......... how very unfortunate!

Good riddance from the SG market.  Tongue
There are no good stocks. Stocks are only good when they go up after you bought them.

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