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FCT to continue delivering a potent mix of growth and stability, says DBS

[Image: Century%20Square_0_1.jpg?ykiiwism3Q22t0C...k=JO98rE5w]
DPM Heng Swee Keat no longer next PM; to step down as Finance Minister

[Image: Heng%20Swee%20Keat%20360649754_3.jpg?5_C...k=BxX8wDoq]
China slaps Alibaba with RMB 18.2 billion fine in monopoly probe

[Image: Alibaba_9_0.jpg?nxmIDHk2Tq_tbolFnGr8VpNW...k=Hy32w0Uk]
Jardine deal goes through; dissenting votes largely from new shareholders, company claims

[Image: Jardines.JPG?7l.LaCqI_7hrNS2YRIgBKiza0mm...k=AAvK6Suv]

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