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SGX Lending Programme
07-10-2013, 12:03 PM.
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RE: SGX Lending Programme
so in essence, sounds good on paper but in reality, shares getting borrowed is very unlikely.

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08-10-2019, 12:25 AM.
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RE: SGX Lending Programme
Rec'd letter from SGX today regarding the following notification.

Guess it's better to earn some money(hopefully more borrowers) than nothing(if shares dun get borrowed)

From my personal experience, more of my shares are being borrowed this year compared to previous years, but mostly for short durations, very small quantity and since share prices for those borrowed are low, don't really earn much. Sad

SGX: Switches to variable rate pricing for share borrowing/lending
Published: 07 October 2019

Participants in the SGX Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) Programme, take note: From 2 Dec 2019, you will pay or receive fees that vary according to factors such as the supply and demand of the securities.....

In a letter to SBL participants, SGX also said it is tweaking another aspect of the fee structure: Lenders will get a fixed 70% of the borrowing fee, which is higher than the current 66.67% (4% lending fee) of the borrowing fee.

In essence, it is a slightly higher percentage of a likely lower fee......

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