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Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
22-04-2017, 09:57 PM,
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RE: Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
ksir, second your comment.

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22-04-2017, 10:14 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-04-2017, 10:15 PM by ksir.)
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Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
I got no intention to corner anyone. Just thought that it is over-done. Invested in a company generally means that we like the company and likely also the management. But overdone it and it may become love and biased.

If chialc88 wrote those comments during the low price period I would have been more appreciative.

Anyway, i am just trying to tap on the euphoria and see if it is only 1 person or the masses. In general i do think that MMH is no longer cheap but I am still holding most of my shares. Selling just because the price is fair or abit high, is ineffective.
My views are your Gilbert & Sullivan's:
"The flowers that bloom in the spring, have nothing to do with the case".

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23-04-2017, 01:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 23-04-2017, 01:21 PM by chialc88.)
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Rainbow  MM - just 1 of another 499?
disclaimer: the following is written by me and me alone. It is written after digested the above posts by ksir and etc.
warning: skip this post if you demand facts and not able to read fiction/stories written by me.

my dear friend,
allow me to express my gratitude as I know and appreciate all your concerns.
live is never easy especially 2015,
market is volatile,
my health also affected during this trying period,
i'm glad that things are turning better as I continue to fine-tune my process.
to quote one of our value buddies:
   "Journey of a thousands miles begin with a single step"
   I had taken a bold steps 5 years ago and become a full time investor.

I didn't leave because it was hard.
I left because it was no longer worth it.

I wanted to learn a lot.
I wanted to enjoy what I do.
I wanted full control of my time.
I wanted to start to enjoy my life again.
I wanted to commit to my other activities.

I don't really have a view on the market.
I wanted to focus on the process than return.
I do not like to predict where the market will move.
I just want to buy good stocks at reasonable valuation.
That's why I did not calculate my portfolio returns aka no spreadsheet.
I would like to position my portfolio accordingly so that it can adopt to different market conditions.

My key is to stay fully invested at all time regardless of market condition.
Having an investment plan is one of the way to cultivate patience in investing.
My plan is to stay invested (fully if possible), and re-invest my dividend into existing portfolio.

I started by gathering a portfolio based on wide spread of stocks.
Then, I systematically isolate out those problem stocks:
  • lousy
  • speculative
  • less promising
  • under performing 
Instead of selling these problem stocks in one go,
I prefers to reduce their stakes,
and gradually remove from my portfolio.

It's a robust investment process;
taken emotions out of the markets;
no market "noise" approach.
I reminded myself to have the will to last.

The next part of my strategy is much harder to execute:
Add onto better ideas.

Knowledge is only useful when applied.
I need to gain more confident in overweighting better ideas.
Being a full time investor means more time to:
a. read
    - relevant articles from internet & library
b. go thru AR/circulars
    - look deeper
c. attend AGM (once a year except close monitor)
    - ask questions to gain more insights
d. networking with fellow investors
   - share and learn 
   - less lonely journey

As part of fine-tuning in overweighting better ideas,
I decided to adopt value investing strategy:
  1. under value
  2. good cashflow
  3. reward shareholder consistently
I started to overweight under value stocks.
I brought more small & mid cap value stocks.
I also started to closed out positions in overvalued counters.

Agile money management: know your stories and tasks, do sizing and prioritize them

As I no longer get a regular salary, my main source of income and investment fund come from dividends.
In fact, most of my trades were re-invested dividends.

Every month, I need to know how much cash I got, 
subtract my expenses,
get all cash invested,
and more importantly: 
Don't over-commit.

When I begin my journey, I thought, 
participating in right issues means add to existing stocks at a discount,
save on the brokerage too.

I done some fine-tuning.
I would like my stake in REIT to be less than 10% of my portfolio.
REIT is prone to call for right and I have to folk out $$$ (disruptive). 

Part of my fine-tune also includes increase stake in blue chips.

A quick recap:
My aim is to setup a robust and income generating portfolio that avoid major "failure".
It should not required:
a. staring at stock market
b. active management

It should allow me to:
a. sleep better at night
b. have peace, rest and recovery

One unsolved puzzle which was always in my mind.
It was triggered again when I read ST just now and actually prompted me to write to our value buddies.

Samuel Chan interviewed Mary Buffett:
Q What has been your biggest investing mistake?
A  Being too cautious, not buying something when it was cheap and then regretting and buying it at a higher price.

Since I adopted value investing, this questions is always looming at the back of my mind.
I enjoyed a stabilize portfolio by introducing more value stocks
at the expense of not been buying growth stocks.
The good things about my portfolio is preservation of capital and dividend yield.

The downside -
unable to participate fully if growth stocks rally further.


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23-04-2017, 04:24 PM,
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Rainbow  I wish I can be in more control.
Hi Ksir,
I got your cue.

frankly speaking, I also felt the same way as you.

let me back off a little bit.

but, please forgive me when I jump in again when MM reached S$1.50.

I couldn't help if it did happen...

  • for those value buddies who had not read the blog post, just click and skim thru quickly to grasp a quick view of MM business.
  • for those value buddies who think that you had known Micro Mechanics, just click it and re-fresh on MM SWOT.  You might have new understanding.
  • for those value buddies who is holding Micro Mechanics, click and reaffirm the reason for your purchase. 
Thank you Investing made Simple by Eye of the Storm

Last but not least, just like the next video.
I'm still young and I'm still learning. 
Please continue to teach me.


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25-04-2017, 11:04 PM,
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RE: Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
MM is mentioned in business times today:


Two stocks highlighted by SGX at a recent public stock seminar, tourism play Straco Corporation and precision tool maker Micro-Mechanics, illustrate the potential rewards for those who get in early.

These two companies have consistently grown revenues through the years and generated solid free cash flows on high operating margins, thus qualifying as "quality" stocks in investment jargon. They have always been in strong net cash positions.


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28-04-2017, 11:18 PM,
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RE: Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
Again, MM mentioned in business times today:

Be open to ideas on addressing AGM clustering

In this regard, the practice of Micro-Mechanics, a small-cap company that is regularly lauded for its governance and transparency, is enlightening. The company announces its first-quarter results before its AGM. When I asked its CFO about this practice, his reply was: "Yes, it has been our practice to announce Q1 result on or before our AGM so that shareholders attending our AGM will be updated with the latest data of our business which are more relevant to their decision making. In FY2016, we announced the Q1 result in the morning of the same day of the AGM which was held in the afternoon. We find that it is a good practice in terms of transparency - timely reporting to the public."
At the FY2016 AGM, the CFO did talk about the FY2017 first-quarter results. How refreshing to find a small-cap company embracing quarterly reporting and being so progressive in its thinking on engaging shareholders at its AGM.


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15-05-2017, 11:55 AM,
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RE: Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
And again:

Giving precision its name

DEEP inside an industrial building in Kaki Bukit is a S$500,000 machine that is used just to drill microscopic holes in metal pieces - holes that even strands of hair are too large to go through.


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10-06-2017, 02:03 PM,
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My heart sinked yesterday.
I made a mental notes when Yeo Seng Chong sold Frencken on 1 June 2017.
I missed a heat beat when B sold out his MM on 8 June 2017.

Forgive me, Ksir for jumping in as this news is so important that I must share it.

B was supposed to be the share holder of MM that I intended to share when MM reached $1.50.
B has a very wide and captive readers.
Not shy to says, B is my daily #1 read.

Every morning, when I had finished my breakfast (surrounded by sunshine, birds chirping, green and relax atmosphere),
I would read about what happening to B.

Very balanced, poised, respectable, caring and decent young man with interesting notes.

Nothing changed, I'll be checking on him everyday.
Just feel sad that I'm not able to influence his decision (or may be I did - in the negative way).
I'll find out next time when I met up with you.

Enjoy - can't get you out of my head:


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12-06-2017, 07:05 PM,
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RE: Micro-Mechanics (Holdings)
Who is B? So secretive lol

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12-06-2017, 09:07 PM,
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Rainbow  B
ops, this is it:

The choice is yours, my dear friend.
Dream on:


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