Intersections Inc. NASDAQ: INTX

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Intersections Inc. / NASDAQ: INTX

Disclaimer: This is a small cap counter - hence carries risk.

Financials, source
Current price $5.80
Book value per share $5.50
Tangible book value per share $2.84
Current ratio 2.05
Total debt/total equity 0.016
Total debt/total capital 0.0157
Gross margin 66.49%
Net profit margin 1.21%
Operating margin 3.26%
Return on assets 2.66%
Return on equity 3.57%
Return on investment 3.39%

The fall in price was a result of FY2013 earnings not meeting expectations.
On the options front, nothing much to note. (Transcript)

The comment made by company in their transcripts is that the dividend of 20c would be evaluated. Hence past dividends are not guaranteed.

However, if the quarterly dividend of 4 x 20c at current price holds, the yield is 13.8%, noted that the dividend payout ratio is some 369%.

Worth noting that the company has little/no debt.

On the business front, it looks pretty niche - if it holds the moat.

"Intersections Inc. (Intersections) is a provider of subscription based consumer protection services. Its services help consumers protect themselves against identity theft or fraud and understand and monitor their credit profiles and other personal information. It also offers subscription based insurance and membership services. The Company operates in three segments: consumer products and services segment, which, includes its identity theft protection and credit information management, data breach response, and insurance and membership products and services; online brand protection segment, which includes the corporate brand protection and business intelligence services provided by its subsidiary net enforcers and bail bonds industry solutions segment includes the software management solutions for the bail bond industry provided by its subsidiary captira analytical. Its consumer services are offered through relationships with clients, including the financial institutions."

An update is the cessation of marketing of products by financial institution clients and to a lesser extent by select subscriber portfolio cancellations by certain large financial institution clients.

They have ceased subsidiary Intersection Business Intelligence Services - Zumetrics

They are launching a subscription based biz for pets. VOYCE to become a unique and leading pet health technology platform on a worldwide basis, for both consumers and medical practitioners. Its to link pet-owner-vet and send data wirelessly to monitor the pet health.

Personally, i think it can be transferred to humans too.

[Image: collar_0.png]
[Image: TRENDS_RR_2.png]

Also enhancement to their existing product "Identity Guard" brand - SafeConnex (A service to prevent identity theft by providing secure log-in, credit card auto fill, and secure web browsing services)

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