Silverlake Axis

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Most companies has some sort of revolving credit facility as part of their business; their purpose for drawing down on credit will not be known until being asked at AGM.
[Image: BW6NBur.png]

Divested since 2016; stock price halved, but business look similar as before, and the above look great to me. What am I missing?
“If you buy a business just because it’s undervalued, then you have to worry about selling it when it reaches its intrinsic value. That’s hard. But if you can buy a few great companies, then you can sit on your ass. That’s a good thing.” - Charlie Munger
Maybe the market does not fully understand its business. The high margin revenue from maintenance for the core banking systems will continue to roll in, as long as the banks do not change the core banking solution to a different provider. My view is that Silverlake will do ok over the next few years but eventually when the core banking systems get too old, there is a risk of the banks switching to other vendors.

Not vested.

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Will there be dilution to minority shareholder due to the earn out consideration?

A) Physical meeting:
The Special General Meeting will be held at Clover 4 & Clover 5, Level 1, PARKROYAL COLLECTION, Marina Bay Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039594 and by way of electronic means.

B) Pre-registration for Virtual meeting:
https:// before 2.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 22 June 2021

1. Change Domicile to Singapore
2. Change Auditor to E&Y Singapore


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