Jardine Cycle & Carriage

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All investing involves uncertainty. Even if you have superior insights, events may still not turn out as you have expected. So the risk you expose yourself to when you buy any stock is either very high or very low, but never zero.

Because this risk cannot be eliminated, the textbook advice concerning portfolio construction will always tell you to diversify. If a single event can severely impair your portfolio -- the kind of 'go big or home' thinking -- I will consider it to be gambling. Instinctively, most investors avoid concentration, even if they do not realise/consider it to be 'gambling.'

That said, there are a lot of way to make money. And different folks have different objectives. Some treat the market like a toto/4d where they seek to make 1x big one (GME, TSLA, BTC, etc) and walk away. Some want to make long-term above-average returns, 10% p.a., something like that. Whichever it is, both are very difficult to execute. Picking the correct 'rocket ship' is difficult, and so is generating long-term returns by picking 'value' stocks. So do not be misled into thinking that it can be done because you have seen some 'guru' achieve it. There are many many who have failed for every success story. Think WB's coin flipping competition.

Coming back to JCC, I wouldn't bet that it will do badly in the long-term, and I think there's a good chance that it will do reasonably well.

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