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The high intensity rain really created a big flood in Singapore.
Luckily, life go backs to normal.


I have a confession.

I sold MM when it reached 4.

I couldn't resist the selling because the rise was too fast in such a short time.

With MM drop till 3 in early March 2021, I see MM steadily going up again.

Time to sell again?

a lot had happen yesterday, positive, i think.

what about you?

[Image: EzpIC8NUYAganXY?format=jpg&name=large]

Happy Labour Day
[Image: RxdUKZSBvXUSsI]

Good morning valuebuddies,
I hope everyone had a good weekend.

It had been a rewarding journey for me together with valuebuddies and vb.com


Micro Mechanics Q3 result was released yesterday and I'm happy with it's performance.  With exceptional tailwind for many many years, in my heart, there is no doubt that MM will emerge stronger after the episode of Covid-19.  

Of course, I sold some of my holding on the few days (less than 1 week) when MM breached $4.  I would had sold at least 50% if it maintain above 4 for 1 week (I think).  But, it only breach the gap for I think 3 days.  

To me, MM is a company that's build to last. Strong management, strong team, strong product with long term sustainable demand (customer) without competitors.

PIL was another gem.
It's management team Jeffrey and James is second to none. 
Yes, I literally think that both Jeffrey and James had demonstrated their exceptional business acumen - second to none (and yes, better than Micro-Mechanics too).
Their ability to discover and seize opportunities is top notch, a bit like zhu ge liang - the great strategist.
What I meant was, PIL is a cyclical business.
Unlike MM, PIL is full of competitors and competitions.
J&J managed to steer PIL out of the storm, stormy water and emerged as a clear winner is second to none.
Look no further, this is an example of tough business with good management team. full stop.

Now, the game plan for PIL (for me) is very clear.

PIL share price will dip. Dip how much I don't know.
PIL share price will dip due to lack of support from J&J.
Post acquisition, the buy-sell price gap will widen, plus those currently vested will not sell below 65 cents as 65 cents is the offer price and this 65 cents will anchor in to their mind for a long long long time.

What will happen (I imagine) is very simple.
One day, someone would like to cash out (what ever the reason).
Due to the low transaction volume, when the selling started, it will trigger a tsunami (of buying and selling).

The opportunity will emerge and if the price is right then my reserved cash will be into PIL.  Think no further. The next offer by J&J might be just around the corner.  Big Grin 

Obviously, valuebuddies vested in PIL will hold on even closer/dear to their stocks and refused to sell below 65.  I sold out at 65 and I am willing to take back PIL at any price below 65.  Cool 

Any price that's below 65 will be considered.  55 would be the best. 48 would be better. 43 ....

OK, stop.  I'm dreaming...

Yes, Wilmar.
I tell you a secret. I see/read Wilmar as another Micro-Mechanics (except it is 10x bigger). I think Wilmar has a strong tailwind behind it, strong management, strong team, strong product and exceptionally great opportunities.  with such a huge TAM and it's founder vision to capture the market, it's just a matter of time...

Of course, if I sold MM at $4, which means that at $4 MM is grossly over price.  Same thing, the trick for buying Wilmar is to buy it cheap.  

Last but not least, AP Oil.
Well, AP Oil is a very strange stock that I brought recently.
Very strange because it's very very different from MM, Wilmar and PIL.  MM, Wilmar and PIL all have very strong management team with great experience and of course, all of them demonstrated their exceptional capabilities.

AP Oil is like erh... local provision shop?
I'm not exactly sure how to put it, it's like a normal looking neighbor girl - sunshine, helpful, approachable but nothing spectacular. you know what I mean.

Ok, back to why AP Oil.
If you search vb.com for karlmax posts.
Most of his posts were rather ......  erh, I says, critical.
I mean, everyone will share their good ideas and karlmax will says something something something ..... else

Until one day, some one asked a soul searching questions.
Is there any stocks that karlmax says it's good?

Well, you got the answer, don't you?


Wish valuebuddies a happy Mother's Day.
[Image: mothers-day-shutterstock_609887015.jpg?itok=V6Odji-m]

Giving the increasing usage of tech,
digitalisation, automation and sustainability themes had been a focus on PM Lee May Day speech.


While valuebuddies continue search for what's the company to invest in these hot sectors, one would simply look at Micro-Mechanics and evaluate it's investment merit.

Obviously, at $4 last few months, it was a sell!
Moving forward, what would be a buying price?

Well, Paul says $3.02 (lowered from previously forecast $3.35)

Your guess is as good as mine.

Ok, back to the tech theme.

There are a few rather promising tech company in SGX but my thought is none (yes, none) is comparable to Micro-Mechanics (especially in term of sustainability).  Micro-Mechanics is build to last and I'm not sure the rest.

So, the next best action would be cast the net beyond SGX and ride the waves.

Unfortunately, there are not much valuebuddies invested in these hot sectors (outside of SGX) and it's quite depressing.



I wanted to hijack Intel thread but decided not to.

MM is actually not a Singapore company.
When you look left and right, study it's core, MM is actually an American company.

Don't understand what I say?
Read it's code-of-conduct (here)

Do you know why an American come to Singapore and set up factory in Asia?
Well, simple.
It follows the $$$.
The $$$ is found in Asia and MM follow its' customers which is part of it's strategy since the beginning.

Pivot to USA?
Of course, MM is an American company. It is well aware of the longer term sustainability of chip industry for USA.
MM Inc is located strategically in Silicon Valley... right next to Intel Wafer plants.

Got it?

Selamat Hari Raya.
[Image: 783CWP_Hari_raya_380x275px_FA_200520.jpg]

Restart of Colonial Pipeline

After paying the ransom (in BTC) to Darkside, Colonial Pipeline reported starting of it's delivery, still with some hiccup here and there.

Darkside had also drained it's BTC after the server contains it's digital wallet was exposed.

What could had stopped further ransomware cyber crime?

Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
Compulsory Covid-19 testing for all residents of Block 506 Hougang Ave 8 after ‘a few cases’ found: MOH


Stay home and stay safe, everyone.
Cryto currency - a journey started when BTC was S$10,000

It's not a surprise that a lot of our valuebuddies is interested in Cryto.

It's also not a surprise that most are curious on how to 'play' the game.

Might not just wanted to get 'rich' but rather curious on what's happening and wanted to know more, in term of knowledge and also gain something as part of our investment journey.

Well, that's what happen when I started to buy Cryto few years ago.
... XRP, ETH and BTC. 

These are not the hottest coin at this moment but that to me is a good starting point to begin my cryto journey.

As I watch BTC charged up to USD60k, it was a deja vu moment because it happened when BTC charged up to USD20k.

Exactly the same scenario, although the amount we are talking about now is USD60k and at that time was USD20k.

But, it's exactly the same feeling I got.

Thank you all valuebuddies for teaching me.
I learn a lot in my investment journey.


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