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04-12-2017, 10:23 AM,
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RE: Tesla
(03-12-2017, 05:50 PM)BlueKelah Wrote:
(03-12-2017, 12:38 PM)BRT Wrote:
(27-11-2017, 05:16 PM)BlueKelah Wrote:
(26-11-2017, 01:42 AM)specuvestor Wrote:
(25-11-2017, 04:20 PM)BlueKelah Wrote: Only if u forgot to recharge or going long distance driving. For most urban user and weekend warrior, full charge at home overnight would be the norm and sufficient.

Also it is recommended to have a rest every few hours constant driving. A half an hour toilet stop, including makan and check your facebook whatsapp and even nap would be a perfect fit for the recharging.

And of course backup and maybe hot swappable battery packs will be easily developed. A hot swap battery pack will only take a couple mins to swap. Lets not forget EV has extra big empty space in the front which is perfect for more battery.

Just look at how we tackle the smartphone low battery problem. Similar solution for ev.

So the only remaining obstacle really is the cost of ownership.

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If this human behaviour is true, then cell phone powerbank no biz Liao.

Not forgetting the rush to increase power in cell phone battery leading to short circuits and fire. Fire in your pocket and fire in the car is probably quite different. Let’s see if they mass produce model 3 if quality will not suffer. Samsung Battery gate is probably not even statistically significant when one produces 10m pieces, but one not likely want to be at tail end risk.

In my opinion the short term solution is the swappable battery pack. To expect instant gratification generation to wait half an hour to charge is not realistic

No sure why you guys so focussed on the half hour charge time. 
In Singapore context, half hour charging is not an issue at all as this function will almost not be used at all. 
Model 3 range is touted to be 350km base model and long range 540km(probably bigger battery packs). Lets say i go to work from woodland mrt to raffles place mrt by car (using google maps) is 27km*2 = 54km round trip. Lets say one day we allocated  60km for work travel and maybe another 10km go makan at night. 70km total. Maybe allow for traffic jam and aircon use. 100km/day range is used. After 3 days, you  would left 50km (~14% charge left, simplistically saying taking that 100% charge = 350km)

So only need to charge once every 3 days at the very least. 
For average user, let's say you reach home, get out of car and plug it in the wall socket and charge at 2kw/H(like running a 1hp aircon unit). that will be 16kwh total for 8 hours charging. That's around 1/3 of the battery charge or 100km worth of driving.

You would really only need the supercharging half hour if you are like salesman and do like 200km everyday driving or if you do long distance to malaysia. 

One of the solutions to charging of course is swappable battery packs. However each battery pack will likely cost a few thousand extra and will only have maybe 10 or 20kwh capacity.

Another solution is the one currently touted by Toyota and Hyundai which is the hydrogen powered EV, but this is still not mainstream yet and require expensive investment into setting up hydrogen pump stations and other infrastructure.

In recent years, hybrid is actually gaining quite a bit of traction in the Taxi industry as well as with motorist. IMHO currently this is still the best combo for cars with massive range increase and still as convenient to pump petrol. 

BYD did a Taxi EV trial in HK was a failure and now they are testing it in Singapore. Not sure if they will be successful or not. 

I would say end of the day its all about total cost of ownership for switch to EV. Locally the gov not very supportive of Tesla car, so in local context no point discussing Tesla cars. If talking about EV in general then  will have to see how the BlueSG EV car sharing goes. Might become mainstream in the future and gov might even create special self driving EV car/bus lane on the roads.

hey. why do you say "Locally the gov not very supportive of Tesla car, so in local context no point discussing Tesla cars."? i'm eagerly waiting for them to come to singapore.

Old article...

There was a drama last year when a Tesla import was taxed with a carbon surcharge.

After that 2  Tesla cars granted tax break.

Thats over a year ago liao. Why do you think Tesla has not come back to set up shop again? After all, Elon can pick up phone and call our PM directly what. If SG gov really want it to happen, we will see big announcement of gov spending for setting up supercharger stations and charging stations at HDB. My suspicion is that there are still some hurdles becoz of our gov. 

Look at HK has 3 Tesla offices liao. But recently they also cancel the rebate so sales there gone down. But rich people still buy to show off.

thanks. after reading the articles, i'm inclined to agree. that's unfortunate. sg seems perfect for EVs cos the distance constraint doesn't matter as much here. i would say the data collection of all its cars may also be a problem for the gov. i believe all tesla vehicles collect and send data back to their servers.

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