Digital currency Bitcoin hits new high before losing S$200 in value in one day

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(22-06-2022, 09:53 PM)¯|_(ツ)_/¯ Wrote: I wish you success in your crypto investment journey too.  Big Grin
I don't own a single crypto to my name. No real plans to do so either. But I fully support crypto bros. To the moon, diamond hands and all that.
You can count on the greed of man for the next recession to happen.
Smile  noted that you don't own any crypto now, what about previously?

For the record, crypto is a cult and a lot of crypto investors promoting cult like behaviour. Instead of praying, they would chant moon, moon, moon. To ensure that their believers HODL to their coins, Diamond hand was coined. Our famous (favorite) Elon Musk ko ko is a Diamond hand.

For me? I don't practice all these (other than joining the crowd for fun).

For me, crypto investment is just another investment journey.  I love to learn about anything and that include crypto too.

My journey beginning as a programmer, mining BTC and that was many many many years ago.

More recently, like 5 years ago, I was re-acquainted with crypto again and so I learn about the KYC and started to buy some - purely for the learning experience and it's fun too.  It's great to be surrounded with crypto fans and observed first hand - real life example of people floating around. 

If you asked me how much I would pay for this entertainment (yes, I take my investment in BTC as entertainment fees)?

Well, one month of my salary.  Big Grin 

You see, we earn $$$. Most or I dare says, majority of these hard-earn $$$ would be given/spend on other people and only a small % would be spend directly on ourselves.  Nothing strange, it's always like that.  

So, one month of my hard earn $$$, spending on myself - as entertainment fee is well worth it.  

As the saying goes, "$$$ spend on yourself is your $$$, otherwise, it's just numbers in the bank."

Since I don't follow the crypto cult, I also didn't watch those crypto bro (may be only once or twice in my entire life), because to me, those video is a waste of time.  It served no purposes non-entertaining value to me.  Tongue 



Gratitude! and I wish you an enjoyable investment journey too.

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