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Straco Corporation
30-05-2018, 11:48 PM,
Post: #261
Rainbow  Straco buy-back 505,000 betwee $0.76 - $0.77
Good morning, valuebuddies.
Just some update on the Q1 result and yes, it inlcudes financial  impact of Singapore Flyer downtime.

10 May 2018 Announcement of Q1FY18 result

[Image: uc?id=18Wp2pSr5B4YpjAEe-WfjleSM6-XzMeLG]

Take note of the net profit ratio, borrowing and cashflow...

Thanks to Kelvin Seetoh for writting a blog post for valuebuddies who prefer to read than think:


Today (30 May 2018), Straco brought back 505,000 betwee $0.76 - $0.77 with total consideration = S$386K

Exciting day.
Couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

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31-05-2018, 10:29 PM,
Post: #262
Rainbow  add another 220,000 from $0.775 to $0.78 with total consideration of S$171,941
add another 220,000 from $0.775 to $0.78 with total consideration of S$171,941

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01-06-2018, 11:09 AM,
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RE: Straco Corporation
Chialc88, are you not concerned with the restriction on visitors imposed on their Xiamen Gulangyu asset? Also, Shanghai Aquarium might have a stronger competitor soon?

Straco biz is great when it is expanding, but when the top line does not deliver, bottom line suffers. Still wondering whether what assets can they potentially acquire.

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01-06-2018, 10:50 PM,
Post: #264
Rainbow  Day 3: Zero transaction done today
Good morning, K.
I search your profile and confirmed that recently you wrote about Straco Q1 performance.

Really appreciate your kind sharing and I'm learning about Straco too.

Thank you very much for teaching me.

#1. Xiamen Gulangyu 
- impact likely already fully accounted and reported/recorded in the report card. 

#2. Shanghai Aquarium
- will definitely face stronger competitions from new player
- I'm not convinced that SOA is end game or biz deteriorate significantly
- We need to see what SOA can do to turn the situation around
- I tell myself to be patient

#3. Asset to acquire
- not sure but I'm very sure Mr Wu already mobilise the entire company to work harder on this initiative

#4. Singapore Flyer
- the effect of downtime might still be felt in Q2 FY18
- I have a confession. I'm not concern about #1. #2. and #3.
- However, by early Feb, the silence and motherhood statement from Straco really get into my nerve.
- I sold enough Straco shares so that I can sleep peacefully at night.
- again, not due to lost of revenue but because of the complete silence of what had caused the downtime.
- The good thing to me is, after my sell-down, I become very peaceful.
- Especially, when the reason of the downtime and also the successful reboot of Singapore Flyer on 1st Apr makes my day again.
- At this moment, I felt very lucky to be a shareholder of an excellent entertainment business operate in fast growing region.

Once again, thank you K for your contribution.
I'm learning.

Sharing my favourite picture rgds to Straco

[Image: lky_straco.jpg]

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03-07-2018, 10:11 PM,
Post: #265
Rainbow  Share buy back - Straco Corporation
[Image: uc?id=1NR4E1QMML3ULDLMoaEiI7Cnv-zfv-oGj]

May 2018 cummulative Share buy back

3 July 2018 Share buy back: 63,200@75-77 cents=$48k

25 June 2018 Insurance claim
Straco Leisure has in place a Property Damage & Business Interruption (Industrial All
Risks) insurance policy (“Policy”) covering the operations of the Giant Observation
Wheel. The Company has been notified, through its insurance broker, that the insurer
is denying the Company’s claim for cost of repairs and loss of profit arising from the

The Company understands that the reasons for the claim being denied by the insurer is
that the reasons for the breakdown, and the principal reason for the loss of profit, fall
under certain exclusions set out in the Policy. These exclusions relate to claims arising
from damages arising from gradually developing flaws, damages for which certain third
parties are responsible, and damages attributable to enforcement of laws being excluded
under the Policy.

If the Company’s claim against the insurers is unsuccessful or not wholly successful, it
will not be able to recover all or part of the costs of repairs and/or loss of profit for the
breakdown of the Giant Observation Wheel. In this regard, the Company refers to the
Announcements where it has disclosed the decrease in sales and profit in its first quarter
of FY2018 due, amongst others, to the technical breakdown of the Giant Observation 
Wheel. No accrual of other income in relation to the progress of insurance claim was
previously reported.

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