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To the Moderators,

Thank you for your continued excellent work moderating the postings on the VB website. I am sure that other VB forummers are at least as appreciative.

One subject that I would like to revisit is advertising. Some months ago it was agreed that an Advertising VB thread would be set up. I note this has been used on several occasions for advertisement postings. Good.

However, I also note that we continue to get blatant advertising posted either on new threads or on existing threads. An example is the "Village" real estate advertisement posted in the early hours of this morning, 15th February 2013. The forummers making such postings are simply not abiding by the rules.

My proposal:
1. We continue to have a dedicated Advertising VB thread for the use of forummers for placing their advertisements.
2. Any postings which are placed on other VB threads, i.e. including new VB threads, which in the judgement of the moderators are Advertisements, are immediately deleted. Decisions in this regard shall be solely made by the moderators (we won't get into debates).
3. Paid advertisements, of a non-pornographic, "non-adult", non-offensive nature, will be welcomed.

- The principle being that if you abide by the rules the advertisement stays, if you don't its deleted.
- The purpose being to maintain the very high quality of this Investment Forum.

Just a suggestion.

Again - my sincere thanks to the moderators.

Respectfully stated,
RBM, Retired Botanic MatSalleh
Stick this thread.

Please do not create a new thread for the same topic. Please just post at your existing thread.
Your thread may be removed so do not waste your time and effort. Thanks.

Since the ads slots at home page are limited, please do not post more than 2 threads a day or take other actions that will monopolize the whole section of "Advertise Here". Your 3 threads in a row in the Advertising forum are strictly not allowed.
This is to prevent user monopolises all the slots only for himself / herself.  Thanks.

Do not use the whole text of your post as the anchor text / linked text.

Please do not post tens of links to a website in the post. More than 3 links to a website in a post, your ads will be deleted.
We do not want to be regarded by search engines as a link farm.
A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a search engine.

No Spamming. No Adult Sites. No counterfeit goods promotion. No drugs, pharmaceutical, alcohol, weapon and tobacco, hacking and cracking content.

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