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This obscure penny stock counter today (14Jan13) jumped a good $0.007 - a solid 31.8%! - to close at $0.029. Something positive coming - perhaps a privatization offer from the controlling shareholders?

Latest FY12 (ended 30Jun12) AR.....$FILE/Luxking%20AR2012%20(SGX).pdf
Company website.....

With the latest (30Jun12) NAV/share at RMB0.5848 (approx. $0.115), it appears that Mr Market has been under-pricing this quite well-established manufacturer of adhesive tape products in the PRC with a growing engagement in higher-value industrial specialty tapes, for a long time.
I just noticed there has been very active 'nibbling' of Luxking shares since 09:34:25hr this morning. Interesting!
No dividend since 2010. Last dividend on 2009, CY 0.01 per share.
Net profit in the down trend since 2005, with big loss of 73.3 million RMB in 2009 and 44.7 million RMB in 2010, other years are profitable.

Search in Baidu for luxking, get many results :
This possibly can confirm Luxking is an established brand name in adhesive tape.

P/B about 0.3 at the price of SGD 0.035.

I got some today.

Specuvestor: Asset - Business - Structure.
This morning (22Apr13), trading of the shares of this sticky tape business has suddenly become quite active! Something positive coming?
And Luxking traded within the range $0.031 - 0.034 and closed the day up $0.003, or 10.3%, at $0.032, with a high 5,368 lots transacted.

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