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Now, the weather in the north is extreme cool.
One of the early snow was spotted in Vienna sometime in late Oct 2012.

Why not consider going to the south?

Instead of following tour, again, why not rough it out?

You'll go to some extremely ULU ULU place but you might be handsomely rewarded too.

Consider Catlins of South Island of New Zealand:

1) Nugget point.
You might not believed it, the wind blow directly on you from the south pole without any blockage. The photo shows a light house at the top of a cliff....
Then, the pointed tips/islands, slopping gentle down towards the ............................ south pole.
Beautiful, isn't it?
I bet less than a handful of anyone visited NZ know or visit this place.

[Image: nuggetpoint_catlins_newzealand.jpg]

2) Curio Bay.
This is a amazing place and the picture does not shows the power of this place.
We will need to be 100% concentrate and use all our imagination to fully understand the danger.

Imagine that you're standing on a cliff about 100m high.
Looking into the horizon, you can see the divide line separating the sea from the sky...
You have the full frontage, no blockage and the wind is blowing onto your face...
... cool, fresh and nice.

Glancing down the cliff slowly, there is a huge black tabletop.
Black piece of rocks, like a giant table spread nicely below.
Its so huge. It must be at least 10 x 10 km wide.

Mmmm. No, it's not a rocks, there are some patterns on the surface....
looks like coconut trunks...
criss crossing one another.... so many of them lying there.

Why are these coconut trunks so dark? like coal or charcoal?

Wait a minutes, there are some one walking on the tabletop.
Yes, two person here and one over there.
It's hard to spot them because they are so far away.
They are so tiny and they looks like ants.

Nice stroll. These people really know how to enjoy... the breeze, etc and also can take a closer look of the coconut trunks...

Wait a minutes, the sea level is so close to the tabletop.
We can see the wave coming in and splashing on the fringe of the tabletop (at far end).

The tidal wave must have changed, the wave is coming in.
These guys must quickly run towards the cliff (us) so that they can climb up to higher ground.
But, the tabletop is so vast, and they will definitely need time to run here.
In the first place, did they know the danger?
Are they aware of the tidal wave had change?
It's going to be high tide soon.
Why are they still wondering around?

[Image: 279_NzCurioBay.jpg]
anyone thinking of migrating to NZ?
as of today, northern Europe is still snowing heavily... Germany, London.
on the other hand, the market is so good that anything that you touch... turns into Midas Tongue .

NZ might be a nice alternatives.

Whale watch in Kaikoura...

This is Kaikoura:
[Image: kaik-i-kaikoura.jpg]

I was checking in and the receptionist know immediately that I'm here for the Humpback whales.

He took up a binoculars and look out from the window.

"Not so good today, you better book the Whale watch for tomorrow."

I strained my eyes and look out to the sea.

To my amazement....

The horizon is not flat, I mean, I always thought that sea horizon aka the line dividing the sea from the sky is always flat.

But, now I noticed that its not flat.

The horizon looks a bit like bubble and wave. It moves up and down too. Strange, isn't it?

The whale watch boats are equipped with sonar and these boats operate in a team... just like tiger(ess) preying for food.

So long as one boat spotted a Humpback whale, it will radio the rest of the boats and everyone will dash to the site.

Of course, no magic, the humpback whale will surface up to the water withing 20 meter from the boat.

This is so predictable that if you did not see the whale, you'll get a 50% rebate or a free ride the next day.

Tips: if you get sea sick easily, then seat behind.
[Image: kaikoura-bigpic-dolphins.jpg]

ok, you're right! ... those animals on top are dolphins. These creatures swim along/infront of the boat like guiding angels.

Now, this is the whale watch boat and humpback whale:
(of course, just the tail, what do you expect?)
[Image: watching2.jpg]
A sure-fire and quick way to get to the snow is by chopper.
Easy 30 min/S$300 ride will put you right on top of Mount Cook.
Try it, especially you had not seen snow.

[Image: 1349138669.JPG]

Alternatively, you can drive to either Fox Glacier or Franz Josef Glacier. Unfortunately, you can only reach the foot of the Glacier aka see the Glacier but not walk on it. To walk on the Glacier, you'll need to join a guided tour.

[Image: safety-565.jpg]

Rare yellow-eyed penguins live in this area too.

[Image: uc?id=1ay0BllPAJEQSh6aolKpTjy4--RSqdD7Q]

Temasek loves Penguins!

What about you?
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PIL @ 70cts

Anyone going to New Zealand?
At this time, the temperature would be slightly higher than 20 degree C.
Plan ahead as SGD is currently 20% higher than NZD 1:1.19.

Strong SGD + Fresh air from North Pole + Great View = Everyone Travel Bucket List. 


[Image: nugget-point-catlins.jpg]


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