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(20-03-2017, 08:58 PM)davidoh Wrote: I unreservedly apologise for asking this question as I am unable to find answers despite repeated search.

I appreciate if someone can be so kind as to explain what happens if we don't accept the
general offer. ? Consequences. Any advantage to accept or not to accept?

Thank you.

How about a search within this forum's threads? It is the most commonly asked question recently here, I guess.
hi davidoh,
Please look up the last few days of spindex thread. The answer to ur query should be found inside. If nt, pls rehrase ur query more specifically.


Super group has a voluntary conditional cash offer.

My shares are custodise with POEMS.

I accepted the cash offer through poems as they relayed the offer to me.

It's very weird that my shares are sold and no longer available in my account and money is given back to me.

How come can like that when it is a conditional offer and the deadline to get acceptance is not yet met ...Who knows the acquirer may not get enough at the deadline and the offer laspse.

Can someone explain if anything is wrong with the process ?

I'm selling to the acquirer of super group , not poems.
It seems to me poems took my shares and could possibly have sold it for 1.305 and made a risk free 0.005 profit!
The offer is already unconditional after the founding family and other substantial shareholders tendered their shares.

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