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Holiday Travel on M/S Sija Serenade
21-01-2018, 05:40 PM,
Post: #21
Rainbow  Straco owner-this is your baby
To Straco owner-this is your baby:
[Image: uc?id=1yfIwkQ_exrmKCUTaU0oOUaZq7AXYabY7]

From my trading record,
I first vested in Micro-Mechanics on 10th Aug 2012@40.5 cents.
I gotten my first Bestworld on 6th Dec 2013@18.7 cents.

Bestworld was very easy to accumulate but very tedious.
I just logon to my trading platform and see what's the buying Q.
If the volume is big then I will just Q one pip above.
If the volume is small then I just add behind his Q happily.

This is tedious because it's like tikam tikam.
Once in the while, I will got 100% but most of the time, my effort is just wasted (no filled).

This go on until the stocks caught the attention of Sam.

As for Micro-Mechanics, it's equally simple but 10 times more tedious.

Nobody is interested at all.
No transaction everyday.
Now, I know why.
It's a penny stocks.  Big Grin

I thought of giving up when it's surged 20% to 50cents 
and started the process of selling.

No joke.
Nobody interested.

So, no choice, I changed my mind and decided that it's a dividend stock
and start to collect dividends.

Again, the question is still the same.
How is it related to Straco?

It's a weekend.

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