Is Silver going to be a Great Investment- $50 Target?

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Silver is now back to $30 resistance and is still 45% off their all-time high of $50.

So is Silver able to break through and retest their $50 mark? Gold has already tested new highs.

Gold Silver ratio is now at 86 which is near the higher end of their range. 

We are positive on the prospect of Silver given it has been on supply deficits over the past few years. Moreover, coupled with potential demand from the investment side, it should bode well for this asset class.

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hi BigFatWhale,

In your article, you have mentioned that $50 ATH is caused by a short squeeze. A short squeeze is not in the ordinary course of events and so in the absence of such extraordinary events, how could silver reach that ATH price again?

Technology aids deflation, so this is why commodities are always losers after the short term. Deflation comes because technological improvements make silver extraction process more efficient (more silver extracted with same cost), and also help to reduce the quantity (via substitution to cheaper materials) of metal to be used to fulfil the same/better functionality.

Straits Trading (listed on SGX) touted the usage of more tin in EVs, since they have a tin mining/processing subsidiary. Ditto your article on silver. More Silver and tin are probably going to be used. But how much more really? Would it move the needle?

Minerals used in electric cars compared to conventional cars:

Even the new metals/composite used in EV production (mainly for the battery) are undergoing their own "bear market" now.

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