Casa Paisr Ris

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At Casa Paisr Ris Enjoy collections of facilities for your body and soul complemented by a host of wellness services and programmes.  It integrates wellness into every aspect, every day, every moment. Executive condo launches include Parc Canberra EC,  Provence Residence, Ola ECParc Central Residences and Parc Greenwich EC.

Your children can work out at the Kid’s Gym, have fun at the Kid’s Waterplay, develop their swimming skills at the Kid’s Pool, and enjoy their meals with friends. Your children’s imagination will be ignited. Offering them an exciting experience with its treehouse, explorer bridge, see-saws and climbing structures. 

Every day in Casa Paisr Ris is an enriching one. While your children are enjoying themselves in their world, you can enjoy a precious time of your own.

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