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It may be possible. You just need to enter the residential address of the service or co-living apartment you stay in Hong Kong.

Account Opening Procedure for Bright Smart Securities:

Please complete and return the Account Opening Form together with the followings:
1. ID Card(s) or Passport(s)
2. Proof of residential address (within the latest 3 months) such as public utilities bills
3. Bank account information such as bank name and account number
4. A cheque issued by a Hong Kong licensed bank . with a sum not less than HK$10,000 made payable to "Bright Smart Securities International (H.K.) Limited" or "Bright Smart Futures and Commodities Company Limited" . Bearing your name identical to your identity documents. . Bearing your signature identical to the signature shown on the Account Opening Form.
5. Name and signature of Witness must be filled in Section C of the Account Opening Form by a professional person such as lawyer or notary public, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank. This professional person must also provide professional identity proof of documents copies (Apply to Non-HKID Card Holders only)

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