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I think it is very refreshing to have the CEO say "I don't know" to his board (well, he's the founder though) and then display the same candor by revealing it to mainstream media.

Zoom became the pandemic’s social network. Its founder is well aware of the pressures that brings

At some point, though, the pandemic will end. Will Zoom go back to being a corporate videoconferencing company? “I have no answer,” Yuan says. His board asked him that very question a few days earlier, and he told them the same thing. Currently, while many new users aren’t paying for the service, some have signed up for Zoom’s paid tiers, and some corporate clients upgraded when they sent their workforces home.

also refreshing to hear a CEO say the stock price is too high. dont think ive ever heard that before.
"He went on Bloomberg Television complaining that “the price is too high” and implored employees to get back to work"
Zoom slides 14% as slowing sales-growth forecasts make investors question the stock's 200% post-COVID rally
* Zoom Video sank as much as 14% on Tuesday after the company's quarterly report revealed an expected slowdown in sales growth into 2021.
* The company's third-quarter revenue and earnings beat estimates, and guidance for the current quarter and full fiscal year landed above expectations.
* Yet the high end of Zoom's fourth-quarter sales forecast implies growth of 330% from the same period last year. That's less than the year-over-year growth seen in the second and third quarters.
* Analysts have debated whether Zoom's 200% rally from the market's March lows is sustainable as COVID-19 vaccines near distribution and revenue growth slightly weakens.
* Watch Zoom trade live here.

Ben Winck
Dec. 1, 2020, 05:03 PM

Zoom Video tumbled as much as 14% on Tuesday after its third-quarter report hinted its incredible revenue growth will weaken through the end of the year.

The videoconferencing-software company reported revenue and profits that landed above expectations on Monday afternoon. Guidance for the current quarter topped the average analyst forecast, as did full-year expectations.

Yet Zoom's projections show a slight slowdown in revenue growth into 2021. The company expects revenue to land as high as $811 million in the fourth quarter, easily surpassing the average estimate of $719 million. The high end of Zoom's revenue guidance implies growth of roughly 330% from the year-ago period. While still extraordinary, the rate is slightly slower than that seen over the second and third quarters.

Here are the key numbers:

Revenue: $777.2 million, versus the $693.4 million estimate

Adjusted earnings per share: 99 cents, versus the 75 cents estimate

4Q revenue: $806 million to $811 million, versus the $719 million estimate

2020 revenue: $2.58 billion, versus the $2.40 billion estimate

More details in https://markets.businessinsider.com/news...1029854162
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Zoom's Christmas gift: no cap on call lengths over the holidays

By Reuters Staff
DECEMBER 18, 2020 / 5:00 PM

LONDON (Reuters) - Friends and families kept apart by COVID this Christmas and New Year will not find their virtual gatherings over Zoom cut short by the usual 40-minute limit for free subscribers.

Zoom Video Communications Inc, whose technology has become a feature of household get togethers in 2020’s socially distanced world, said it was removing the time limit for its free accounts on all meetings globally for the holiday season.

This covers the Christian celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the end of Hannukah for Jews and Kwanzaa marked by African-Americans, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. All of them fall in late December or early January.

The coronavirus pandemic has roared to new highs around the world during a second wave, forcing many people to stay home and plan gatherings with friends and family over the Internet instead.

More details in https://www.reuters.com/article/zoom-vid...SKBN28S14Q
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