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2020.02.22【文茜世界周報】韓國病毒傳染爆發全國淪陷 24小時確診增逾二百件
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South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday that 70 additional coronavirus cases have been confirmed, bringing the country's total to 833.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the country was at a "watershed moment" Sunday, as he issued the highest level of national alert and ordered new resources to tackling the outbreak, which is largely focused on the southern city of Daegu but has spread throughout the East Asian country, including among the military.

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea confirmed Monday that an additional four soldiers had been confirmed to have contracted the virus, bringing the total of military personnel to 11. There are fears that the outbreak could spread quickly among troops living in close confines, and potentially spread to US forces stationed in Korea.
In the South Korean city of Daegu, the outbreak has been centered around the Shincheonji religious group.

Some 300 members of the group have tested positive for the virus, and more than 9,000 practitioners have been put into self-isolation while they are tested by health authorities. The infection is believed to have spread rapidly because of the mass worship sessions the group holds, which puts them in close contact with one another for long periods of time.
A Christian-inspired new religious movement centered around the personality of its founder and chairman, Lee Man-hee, the outbreak has brought intense scrutiny and no small amount of hostility on the group. Of those South Koreans who identify as religious, more than 60% belong to a mainstream Christian denomination.

Kim So-il, a project director at Shincheonji, compared the recent criticism of the group to a "19th century witch-hunt."
"It's unfair that all people rebuke Shincheonji," he told CNN, adding that the group was in "great difficulty" right now."
Speaking Sunday, a Shincheonji representative told reporters that practitioners are the "biggest victims" of the virus, and urged people to "refrain from hate and groundless attack."

Police in Daegu said Sunday that they had deployed about 600 officers to locate the 670 members of the Shincheonji religious group whose whereabouts are unknown. Officers were visiting their registered addresses and using telecommunications service providers' location tracking information, police said.

According to the South Korean law on the prevention of infectious diseases, health authorities are able to seek help from police and telecommunication service providers are obliged to provide information when requested by the police.
The virus has spread beyond the Shincheonji members, however, with separate outbreaks in a hospital near Daegu, as well as among the country's military. As of Monday, more than 760 cases had been confirmed nationwide, and seven deaths.

( posted on cnn website 24 Feb 2020)
2020.02.29【文茜世界周報】從0到3150只用了40天 七成患者出現在大邱

2020.03.01【文茜世界財經週報】接連停工關閉的生產線 韓國經濟恐零成長
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I wonder if this is also trending in other Asian countries ....
Investing will only get harder, it seems finding a life partner too - both requires one to "beat the market" !

For a perspective on the expectations of the "ideal" partner, the following article on average household income / asset : https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/biz/202...72913.html


Marriage race: South Koreans get cautious, calculative in search for ‘the one’
"...Rather than finding a compatible partner, people often seek those who rank highest in economic and social aspects, like graduating from a prestigious university or working at a major conglomerate, Ms Kwak noted.

“Rankism is prevalent in Korea,” she said, adding that it can be based on, say, schools or companies. “And because Korea was a hierarchical society, even though there are no formal classes among people nowadays, unseen classes still define individuals.”...."

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