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A new earnings estimate quoted by Barrons expects the EPS of the company in 2018-2020 to be HK$1.32, HK$1.71 and HK$2.02.

Cumulative 2018-2020 EPS would then be HKD 5.05, with a current share price of HKD 4.86.

Company newsletter with May data
includes research report from Guotai.

May 2018 sales up 175% vs May 2017
Best month on record
First 5 months cumulated sales up 78%

Powerlong closed at $3,54 on 4 Feb 2019. Citibank rating ( aastocks website on 11 Jan 2019 ) placed a BUY rating and target price of $8.85.
Today ( 4 Mar 2019) , Powerlong shares are trading around $3.80 level.

The Final results for 2018 , will be out soon and I am expecting the profit result will be much higher than last year .

I say "expect" , because the company announced the 12 months contract sales for 2018 are up 96% compared to sales in 2017.

Today I see the shares rather like a sprinter at the starting line, waiting to hear the bang from the starting pistol
Today was a good day for China property shares traded on HKEX. Stock rotation means China property stocks are the favourites to chase for this week.

Agile Group ( 03383.HK) closed at $12.62 up 10% was leader of the pack. Followed by Ch, Res Land ( 01109.HK) closed at $34.50 up 9%.

Powerlong's final results for 2018 should be out on this friday but where are the chasers of this stock ?
2018 Final Results are mixed ( = disappointing to me , like backing the wrong horse ! )

Powerlong ( 1238.HK) , EPS =RMB0.70 – 16%, Div = RMB 0.30 + 20%

Contracted 2018 sales = RMB 41 Bil + 96%
But Reported Revenue = RMB 19.5 Bil ?
POWERLONG (01238.HK) announced that the group's contracted sales and contracted gross floor area in March equaled approximately RMB4.624 billion and 304,800 square meters respectively.

In the first three months of 2019, total contracted sales surged 60.7% year-on-year to approximately RMB10.675 billion.

(Reported on “aastocks website” , at 2019-04-08 16:25.)
Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Limited(1238.HK) announced the annual results for the year ended 31 Dec 2018.

In 2018, contracted sales of Powerlong amounted to RMB41,036million, representing an increase of 97% as compared with 2017; revenue amounted to RMB19,594million, representing anincrease of 26% as compared with 2017; rental income and income from property management services amounted to RMB2,249million, representing an increase of 25% as compared with 2017; gross profit margin was 38.5%, a leading level in the industry; core earnings amounted to RMB2,579million, representing an increase of approximately 35%as compared with 2017.

Sales double and grow steadily for several years in a row Taking an overview of Powerlong’sdevelopment in 2018, the company achieved quality and substantial growth. Sales were driven to new high of RMB41,036million, representing an increase by nearly two fold over the previous year, thanks to its efforts in maintaining sufficient supply, developing unique products,enhancing operational and management efficiency of projects and ensuring a high sell-through rate.

( above copied from Powerlong March 2019 Newsletter )

So based on the 2018 sales figure of RMB 41,036 Million, I would expect the revenue figure for 2019 should be much higher than RMB 19,594 Million reported for 2018. But can it be as much as 97% ?
POWERLONG (01238.HK) announced that the total contracted sales value of the Group for the six months ended 30 June 2019 amounted to approximately RMB29.203 billion, representing a year-on-year contracted sales value increase of 78.7%.
(Quote is delayed for at least 15 mins.
Data as at 2019-07-08 16:25.)

Posted on aastocks website
The 1238 shares closed today at $4.92. The share price has gained $1 since 2 Jul . Fantastic performance.

I am holding this share and hope some other VBs have this one. ( NAV is about $7.70 ) .

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