Singapore Kitchen Equipment (SKE)

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Sure. We are all entitled to our own opinions. After all, the aggregate of which is what makes a market. But I will suggest you discard unnecessary remarks relating to individuals here. Here in VB, we focus on the merits of any argument made. We very much like to keep our interactions civil.

So far you have only questioned my method and my intelligence. But you have yet to share your thesis on what SKE's valuation should be, and how you derive said valuation. Would you perhaps like to share what you think SKE is worth, and provide your reasons?

I think that will make for a healthier and useful discussion. Seriously.

I will not comment any further on SKE's valuation as I have presented my points clearly. Unless there are new points raised.
hi laowangnextdoor,

- I believe it is fair that you represent your quantitative case for more discussion, as karlmax as has represented his.

- Please focus on the discussion and rebut based on hard facts/numbers as comparison or refute the basis of the presentation. No comments/attack on the person is allowed on This is the last verbal warning.


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