Brook Crompton (formerly Lindeteves Jacoberg)

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> No seller how to buy?

Try put 90cts c- 100cts... book value is 80+ cts...
The cost control in the company is excellent.  

Today there is trade done 76 to 79.5cts...  At such levels, valuation is very decent.

Lets hope the higher oil price allow them to sell more motors at higher ASPs.

(12-11-2017, 10:02 PM)laowangnextdoor Wrote:
(10-11-2017, 08:55 PM)lanina1 Wrote: This undervalued gem delivery another solid quarter result with ~1m profit and 1.2m fcf.
Current market cap only 25.5m, with 14.5m backed by cash, zero debt.
Which works out trailing pe of merely 5.5 and trailing p/fcf of 5.3.

Plus: Very low valuation, Cash cow with very low capex, O&G recovering, potential dividend increase.

minus: no/low growth from current trend, very low trading liquidity.

No seller how to buy?
halted since friday. wondering whats brewing.
Deeply undervalued imo.
held it for so long.
gladly welcome a not-so-low ball lol.

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