Supermax Corp

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I started a new thread on the company.

The company share price in Bursa, has dived to a new low, with PE <10. It is pretty low comparing with peers' valuation in Bursa.

I reckon it is due to the company CEO, Datuk Seri Stanley Thai, has been charged by Malaysia authority for an insider trading offence back in 2007.

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Lately Mr. Moderator is interested with the gloves Big Grin
Well, these are not Malaysians seeking a judicial review. They are probably South Asians assisted by NGOs in Malaysia.

The general business model of Malaysian's glove makers are well known by now - exploiting foreign labor via violating their rights due to weak enforcement laws, to improve their bottom line.

In the coming era of ESG investing, will Mr Market whip these companies to provide a equitable and hospitable treatment to their majority employees?

Malaysia workers seek judicial review of Supermax deal to supply UK health service

The company, which has supplied millions of rubber gloves to the NHS under an earlier agreement, is among 5 Malaysian glovemakers to have faced a US ban on their products in the last 2 years due to suspected forced labour practices.

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