Halcyon Agri

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This looks like an interesting state of affairs moving forward because there are now 2 "major shareholders". One of them will probably want to take control in future but of course, nobody knows when.

Hainan Rubber to Acquire 36% in Halcyon Agri, Announces Pre-Conditional Mandatory Cash Offer

- Hainan Rubber has entered into SPA with Sinochem to acquire 36% of Halcyon Agri, triggering a MGO.
- The Offer Price is US$0.315 (SGD equivalent S$0.441) per Share in cash, and is subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.
- Sinochem shall remain second largest shareholder in Halcyon Agri, holding 29.2% stake, after the Share Acquisition, and undertake to reject the mandatory cash offer.
- Halcyon Agri will remain listed on SGX-ST, as intended by the Offeror.

Hainan Rubber, or its nominee 574,204,299 36.00
Sinochem 465,716,356 29.20
Other shareholders 555,091,286 34.80
Total 1,595,011,941 100.00


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