Phantom of the Opera-Let me inject some stories to clean up some -ve vibes

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I was walking along a back-street in London.
Time:6pm Date: my first oversea biz trip

Tonight is my last night for my 6 weeks training in Europe.
I had no idea where should I go nor what should I do.

I just roam around downtown London...
aimlessly... hoping to find some excitements ... just like you...

I am walking down a long queue at a 5-foot walkway 五脚基。The queue has mixed sex and mainly youngsters.
PUB? dance club? I imagine...

'Are you a Malaysian?'

i was interrupted.

I paused and search for the voice owner.

A young man with a wide smile was staring at me... sincerely and hopefully...

Anything can happen in London...

'No, I am from Singapore.'

'Can you do me a favour? My gf is stuck at home. She will be coming soon and I need someone to STAND-IN on her behalf.'

The young man continue, 'You see the conductor, he is walking down the queue to record the number of ticket to sell. One person - one ticket. Can you please help us?'

Sure, anyway I had nothing better to do.

I will skipped the chit-chat but jump to the meat.

His gf did not turn up and I pay only peanuts to enjoy the best musical opera shows in the world: Phantom of the Opera

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A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
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The Phantom of the Opera is showing in Her Majesty's Theatre.

This is the 5-foot walkway 五脚基 that I lined up for last-minute ticket:

[Image: phantom-of-the-opera.jpg]

For those who had not seen or know about Phantom, click this:
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt
I was staying near Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is famous for its speaker corner.

I saw a man standing on a stool...he is the speaker.
A small crowd of about 10 people was gather around him.
"When Jesus Christ walk pass and you call him Jesus, Jesus; Will he answer you?", the speaker shouted.
A by-stander glanced at the floor and shake his head and murmur, "Evil, evil..."

"Of course not! Jesus Christ will not answer you. Not because you are not a good man but because he was not known as Jesus Christ when he was alive!", shout the speaker.
The by-stander continue to shake his head and continue to stare at the floor,"Evil. Evil!" he murmured.

"Not because he don't know you but because when he was alive, everyone called him Messiah!", the speaker was in trance.

"Evil, evil!", the by-stander continue ....

The crowd become rowdy and I felt not comfortable and I move to another speaker. (there are many speakers and each has some people listening)

Ok, ok this one must be something.
Quite a big crowd.
Ai yo yo...
The speaker dress in military uniform.
Better still, in front of him stand two tall bodyguard.
For one million dollar, guess what are these two bodyguard dress like?

.......................Palestinian warrior uniform

The speaker did not speak but only repeat one sentense:"Long life Saddam Hussein! Long life Gaddafi!"
Keep shouting and shouting.

What sort of speaker comer is this?
What sort of freedom is this?

Your guess is as good as mine.

In Cantonese : 无眼看。

A Life not Reflected is a Life not Worth Living.
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lolz! Big Grin

i like hyde park, it's nice! did you had HK roast duck nearby? can't remember that metro station, but there are like 2 or 3 famous HK roast duck shops there! Big Grin
1) Try NOT to LOSE money!
2) Do NOT SELL in BEAR, BUY-BUY-BUY! invest in managements/companies that does the same!
3) CASH in hand is KING in BEAR! 
brattz, no. I was on my first business trip to Europe.
Hyde Park is fun to watch (see the smiling face of the people and taking photos etc)
But, it will get rowdy and then Policeman riding horse come to maintain orders...

[Image: Speakers-Corner-by-Oggi-Tomic-15.jpg]
picture from

However, when I was in Beijing, I had tried the famous Peking Duck and it was excellent!

I only order a whole duck package (see attached photo below) and Chinese tea.
Perfect... there is no need to order anything else.

[Image: 640px-Peking_Duck_3.jpg]
Picture from wiki

enjoy... Love Compassions
感恩 26 April 2019 Straco AGM ppt

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