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Gratitude - wish everyone a great weekend.
Waking up to another cool morning with birds chirping in the wood...
I wish everyone a relax and happy weekend.  Big Grin

Enjoy WB:

Increasing, noises in the market had becoming louder and louder. The volatility and uncertainty of the market had also increased the conviction needed by valuebuddies to hold on tight to their beloved shares/scripts.  

Extremely difficult and I'm afraid, the (downward) trends will continue and more and more challenging for our valuebuddies to hold on.

With lots of gratitude, I am really thankful of all the kind sharings/tips given by our valuebuddies.  Thank you very much.

One of our valuebuddies favorite stock Micro-Mechanics Holdings was covered by bloggers recently:
1) 27 Oct 2022 Dr Wealth - Zhi Rong Tan "Singapore Semi-Conductor companies dragged down by US-China Relations" 

2)  27 Oct 2022 The Smart Investor - Royston Yang "4 Red Flags to Watch During the Upcoming Earning Season"

3) 28 Oct 2022 The Edge - Felicia Tan "MMH Report 14.6% lower earnings of $4.2m for 1QFY2023"

MMH closed at $2.76 on 28 Oct 20222 (after it announced result in the afternoon @12.15pm

Merry Christmas... Ho Ho Ho.
Watch how a turtle defending from a shark attack and finally made a turn back and launch a counter attack...

Some of our valuebuddies sees the similarity of this short video clip as what happened in the investment world... they being the turtle...fighting off the shark to gain some profit ... eventurally.

I think otherwise.

Investment is a fun-filled and fruitful journey which everyone should enjoy.  If they made a right pick, the reward will come naturally.  If they made a wrong pick, so be it.  At least, they got a seat in the playing field, witnessing once in a lifetime drama played out nicely in front of them.

In any case, with 2022 ending, I'm really exciting to see how 2023 would play out... will it be like what PM Lee mentioned during NDP? 

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas Smile

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Gratitude  Heart
Good morning valuebuddies,
As usual, waking up from a good night sleep and couldn't help that my heart was filled with gratitude.  Thank you very much.

2022 was a good year and 2023 would be a better year, hopefully.

5DD continue to face selling pressure - not for no reason.  

For one, it's valuation was rather rich.  It was never a cheap stock.  Since I noticed this stock, it's always above it's valuation.  At 2022 closing price of $2.64, it's not cheap at all.

Next, it's dividend payout ratio of 100% (roughly), was rather bold.  Naturally, valuebuddies wonder whether the dividend is sustainable - especially in the long(er) run.  My guess is not - unless 5DD has a crystal ball - which I doubt it had.  If my guess is correct, at certain point in time, the annual dividend would have to drop.  How much? I don't know but it's just a matter of time before this will happen.  At that moment, 5DD share price will drop and that might be a moment to re-invest in 5DD again?

Then, the continuous struggling of MMUS.  The primary condition for MM to buy MMUS was for CEO (Chris) personally taking care of MMUS.  He did and the result was not fantastic.  Strategy wise, also not fantastic.  As of today, MMUS is still losing $$$ and customer base remains primarily in semiconductor industry (as compared to the strategy to leverage MMUS customer base beyond semicon into Laser, Medical and Aerospace).  Other than Chris, his eldest son (Kyle) was working in MMUS since 2018.  When will MMUS become a steady income stream aka generating constant profit for 5DD?

Lastly, sub-10 nm breakthru - which customer? Enough says about the challenges to provide parts and tools for sub-10 nm wafers. MM's vision to become a key supplier in sub-10 nm is a big goal.  Acknowledging that this is very difficult to achieve. The question in my mind is not all the activities and pre-works, the question is always, had we or had we not been supplying parts and tools to sub-10 nm wafer yet?  

More questions remains but at this moment, let's gives Kyle some more time to demonstrate his new role and I wish ex-CFO Chow well in his retirement. 
[Image: ?n=finance-asia%2fcontent%2fMico-Mechani...8fd5eb&c=1]

[Image: 2019_09_05-Group-Photo-1.jpg]

With CFO and COO retiring, we should expects MMH back to it's root of being a US company.  Kyle would really need to pull weight and ensure MMH continue to develop it's niche in USA market as well as maintaining it's strong position in semi-con tooling business. 

While waiting for its 1H23 results to be announced in 30 Jan, let's celebrate CNY and wish every valuebuddies a peaceful and prosperous new year. Smile

[Image: rabbit-zodiac-forecasts.jpg?compress=tru...80&dpr=1.5]


Q2 result is out and some area to monitor:
1. MMUS seems to be still in the red
2. GP/NP dropped significantly due to largely fixed cost nature of the operation not able to absorb the 18% dropped in revenue
3. Expectation of worsen operating result such as lower revenue, GP/NP
4. Q2 GP @ 45% is below KPI of > 50%

For those who vested, 6 cents div payable on 17 Feb 2023.

Celebrating Lunar New Year:
[Image: yaohui-sfanwar30-3331_2.jpg?itok=gA5LiWXg]


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