A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step 千里之行,始于足下。

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Good morning valuebuddies.
Again, waking up to a cool morning with birds chirping happily in the woods.

Enjoying top of the world:

Gratitude to all valuebuddies who had helped me all these time.

One particular one is hyom.

hyom wrote the last posts in the late Dr Michael Leong's blog/website.

take a look and you might be able to find out the reason why I consider hyom as my top - highest ranking blogger - that I benefited the most in my investing journey.


I know Michael when he was working in IBM. We were working on sales lead and doing cold calls, presentations and proposals. 

Unfortunately, life is short and so un-predictable.

With a warming heart, I can only expressed my gratitude to all valuebuddies who had been so kind in sharing your stories.

[Image: NDP22%20Website%20Homepage%20Images%2020...011am2.jpg]https://www.ndp.gov.sg/

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