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Singapore registered highest temperature in the month of May 2022@36.7 degree C.
So, I was very glad to be waking up last 2 days in a cool and windy morning.  Gratitude  Heart

I wish all valuebuddies a nice weekend ahead.

Enjoy what Jessica Tan think about digitalisation:

Gratitude.  Heart
Hi Valuebuddies, this morning was sunny and within short timeframe, it's raining so heavily.  Things changed and things really change.

Qn: JD Health vs Alibaba Health vs Ping An Good Doctor by Dr Wealth, any change to his analysis - in term of which one is the better Chinese TeleMedicine stock?

Anyone who is following the financial bloggers would realised that some of them had given up blogging - for obvious reason.  In a bull market, everything is so easy. Any stocks that we picked, goes up.

However, in a bear market, it's really no fun.  Unless you're really lucky, the more you buy the more it dropped.

Of course, some time, by luck, the stocks go up but come back down to the entry price, just a few days later.

No fun at all.

It's quite clear that a lot of our valuebuddies is rather loaded and is looking for great stock at low price to buy.  I am quite happy that valuebuddies is on the look out for new ideas and I'm pretty sure that whatever they brought, the share price will go low (lower).    Tongue

How I know? I'm one of the valuebuddies mah.  The more I buy, the more I noticed that the price dropped further.

The more the price dropped further, the more I buy.  Big Grin

Of course, I reminded myself of the falling knife but I think that great company at a good price is hard to find.  This is a opportunity to be able to buy them. If not now, then when?

Obviously, any clever valuebuddies will says, since you already know, then why not pause and buy later at a lower price.

Well, I'm too dumb to adopt this smart strategy.  Instead of wait, I modify the waiting to buy little little. Of course, the low commission rate helps me to execute this strategy (buy small small) easily.

Everyday, I'm buying because I really think that the price is right.

However, I would like to says that everyone circumstances are different and unless you have regular income or heavily loaded, please do not buy at this moment.  The stock market definitely will dropped.

Do you agree?


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