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Twitter is a essential service now, went-down just 47 minutes will make it a global news headliner.

Twitter crashes for a second time in nine days

BOSTON/SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter crashed this morning, Singapore time (March 12), for the second time in nine days when a software glitch stalled the popular messaging service for about one hour.

The company apologized to its 250 million users in a status blog, saying it had encountered “unexpected complications” during “a planned deploy in one of our core services”.

The outage began yesterday at around 11am Pacific time (3am today, Singapore time) and service had “fully recovered” by 11.47am, the San Francisco-based company said.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
The FTZ may not only the testbed for business freedom. It may be also for "freedom" in other aspects...

Twitter CEO Costolo to make first China visit

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will meet Shanghai government officials, academics and students in his first visit to China, signaling Twitter’s interest in cracking a lucrative but thorny market with 600 million Internet users.

Twitter, which has been blocked by Chinese censors since 2009, described the trip as a personal tour for Mr Costolo, who is due to land at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport today (March 17) and plans to spend three days in the business capital. He is not scheduled to visit Beijing.

Mr Costolo is scheduled to meet Shanghai government officials — including representatives of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, established in 2013 to test market liberalization measures, such as looser rules governing currency conversion and foreign direct investment. But officials have denied media reports that Internet restrictions and censorship, including the blocking of Twitter, will be loosened there.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
An update to Twitter latest lawsuit...

US judge dismisses case against Twitter alleging pre-IPO fraud

NEW YORK - Twitter has won the dismissal of an unusual lawsuit accusing the social media company of fraudulently arranging a private stock sale it never intended to complete, with a goal of stoking interest in its November 2013 initial public offering.

US District Judge Shira Scheindlin in Manhattan said Precedo Capital Group and Continental Advisors failed to show that Twitter was responsible for the cancellation of a secondary market offering they had been arranging with another firm, GSV Asset Management Inc.

Filed one week before Twitter went public, the US$124 million (S$155 million) lawsuit accused the company of using GSV as its agent to arrange the aborted offering as a means to raise more money in its eagerly awaited IPO and justify a US$10 billion market valuation.

Noting the plaintiffs dealt directly with GSV and never with Twitter, however, Ms Scheindlin said the complaint “does not plausibly allege that Twitter granted GSV Asset express authority to act as its agent for any purpose.

“Moreover,” she added, “the complaint does not allege that Twitter secretly limited that authority contrary to the standard practice in the securities industry.”

Ms Scheindlin dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought again.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
End of the "2nd dot com" run is "official":

Nasdaq peaked 4 months later 10% higher in early March, after Twitter IPO. What I didn't expect is S&P to be so resilient

(06-02-2014, 03:46 PM)specuvestor Wrote: ^^ Reminded me that S&P is already below 6 Nov close even after a strong run up late December.

Now to see when Twitter will go below $44.90 IPO first day close to usher in the end of the 2nd dot com run.

(17-12-2013, 11:06 AM)specuvestor Wrote: Since we are already in middle of Dec and yesterday was an upday, it might be interesting to follow up on my observation.

S&P is up 0.91% since 6 Nov close while Twitter up 117.7% from IPO price, and possibly we might have some residual capricorn effect early Jan.

Let's see if history rhymes again with these big name listings in midst of euphoria.

(05-11-2013, 11:49 AM)specuvestor Wrote: I've a feeling that Twitter IPO is going to mark the US market high for at least next 12 months
Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give. –William A. Ward

Think Asset-Business-Structure (ABS)
A report on Twitter's 2nd earning report as public company...

Twitter’s fortunes dip further as user-number growth declines

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter is struggling to convince Wall Street it is still a firm with plenty of potential to grow.

In its second earnings announcement as a public company, Twitter said on Tuesday that it had more than doubled revenue, beating its forecasts and expectations of investment analysts. However, the social network’s stock fell more than 11 per cent in after-hours trading on sentiment that the number of people who joined it did not rise as fast as many had hoped.

Wall Street, it appears, is more worried about Twitter’s ability to add users and keep them engaged than about its ability to increase revenue.

At its peak last December, Twitter enjoyed a US$46 billion (S$57.8 billion) market capitalisation on only US$665 million of revenue last year, making it one of the world’s priciest stocks.

However, cracks began to show in February, when Twitter Chief Executive Dick Costolo pledged to revive user growth after disclosing that the rate had fallen to its lowest in years. Since then, Twitter’s stock has been trading at 40 per cent below its peak.

On Tuesday, Twitter’s fortunes dipped further south.

“Wall Street is laser-focused on that user number,” said Mr Thomas Forte, an analyst at Telsey Advisory Group in New York. “For Twitter to maximise its value as an investment, it needs to get in front of as many people as possible and do a good job of monetising that audience.”

Twitter said it had 255 million monthly users globally in March, up 5 per cent from 241 million at the end of December. The figure is better than the nine million it added in the last quarter of 2013, when the company grew at 3.8 per cent. But it still represents slowing growth for Twitter and came as investors are increasingly focused on the potential scale of the company’s business.

“It needs to prove that it can be a very large platform,” said Mr Arvind Bhatia, an analyst with US investment firm Sterne Agee. “Can it get to 500, 600 million users worldwide? That’s what it has yet to prove.”

Another area of concern is engagement. On average, users refreshed their Twitter feeds 614 times a month during the recent quarter, up only slightly from 613 times a month in the fourth quarter. Twitter users, especially those overseas, were refreshing their feeds less frequently than they were in the year-ago quarter.

However, most disconcerting for shareholders is that Twitter made US$1.44 in advertising revenue for every 1,000 timeline views, down from US$1.49 in the previous quarter. That may be the best marker of the firm’s ability to make money from its platform and, in the first quarter, it was trending down. In a call with analysts, Twitter’s executives attributed part of that to seasonality as the fourth quarter tends to be the most profitable.

Twitter’s revenue in the first quarter ended March was up 119 per cent to US$250 million (S$314 million) from US$114 million in the first quarter of last year.

Wall Street had expected Twitter to report revenue of US$241 million, according to estimates from Thomson Reuters, while Twitter had forecast slightly lower first-quarter revenue in the range of US$230 million to US$240 million.

Twitter posted a net loss of US$132 million, compared with a loss of US$27 million a year ago. However, adjusted earnings — which exclude stock-based compensation and other expenses — were US$183,000, or about break-even per share, compared with a US$10.5 million loss a year ago.

In an interview, Mr Costolo tried to reassure sceptics. “We’re focused on driving up the value of each timeline,” he said, using a term to refer to users’ Twitter feeds.

He also noted that “favourites” and “retweets” — two actions users take on Twitter’s site that require an extra click — were up 26 per cent in the first quarter and said new users were as engaged as older ones, an indication that the site is not as confusing to newbies as critics contend.

According to market research firm Forrester, only 22 per cent of US adults online visit Twitter at least once a month, lower than Facebook’s 72 per cent. However, in recent months, Twitter has tried to make its platform easier for new users to understand by redesigning its profile pages to resemble those of Facebook and making the integration of photos and videos easier. The firm is also experimenting with a new way to sign up.

Twitter recently made it possible for users to import mobile-phone contacts, so they can follow people they know as they get started. Mr Costolo said users could expect other changes in the second quarter intended to make the platform easier to use.

Twitter has also been courting the television industry as it looks for ways to make money from users. The company said people engaged on Twitter while watching TV shows are more likely to stay tuned during commercials, remember the ads and make purchases, compared with those not on the platform.

Mr Costolo told analysts in the two days after the Oscars that there had been 3.3 billion views of tweets about the show. “There are few other companies with this kind of reach,” he said. “Twitter the platform, we believe, is already incredibly mainstream.”

He added that the Oscars was a “tiny example of the ubiquity, the almost omnipresence, we have in the world to be in front of users”. Agencies
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
Twitter share price continue to be under-pressured...

Twitter shares sink to new low as 'lockup' expires
07 May 2014 06:20
[NEW YORK] Twitter shares plunged to new lows on Tuesday, under pressure after the expiration of the so-called lockup period, which banned sales by company insiders after its public offering.

The stock sank 17.8 per cent to close at US$31.85, the lowest level since the Twitter initial public offering (IPO) last November.

Under US securities lockup rules, some insiders were barred from selling for a period of time after the social network's IPO.

The lockup expired on Tuesday, but Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams and chief executive Dick Costolo indicated they have no short-term plan to sell their shares.
Source: Business Times Breaking News
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
Interesting comments from about twtr
Twtr upgraded by 3 institutions
Most recently, analysts at SunTrust upgraded TWTR to “buy” from “neutral,” saying it’s possible that Twitter could monetize assets to make up for the slowdown in growth.

SunTrust analysts also raised their price target on Twitter stock to $45 by the end of 2014. The valuation is likewise compelling, SunTrust says, as TWTR is now trading at a discount to the industry.

The SunTrust upgrade marks the third such major thumbs up on Twitter stock in as many trading days. Last week, Bank of America (BAC) raised its rating on Twitter stock to “neutral” (or “hold,” essentially) from “underperform” (i.e. sell). The analysts are bullish on Twitter’s ability to accelerate growth among active users.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley (MS) followed suit with their own upgrade, raising Twitter stock to “Equal Weight” (hold) from “Underweight” (sell).

However, the average rating on Twitter stock is “hold,” according to a poll by Thomson Reuters. Indeed, of the 31 analysts covering TWTR, only eight rate it a “buy.” Another nine call Twitter stock a “sell.”
The music audience is the next battlefield for Internet Giants?

Twitter in talks for music deals

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter Inc is in early-stage discussions to acquire or partner with music-related start-ups, said sources, as the company works on ways to rev up user growth.

One of the companies Twitter is considering buying is SoundCloud, a Berlin-based start-up that lets people share music, said one of the sources. Talks could still fall apart, the person said. Twitter’s business development team has also been discussing partnerships with companies including SoundHound, a California-based application for recognising music.

Twitter is holding talks with music-related companies as it works to attract a broader audience.
“夏则资皮,冬则资纱,旱则资船,水则资车” - 范蠡
Twitter founder Evan Williams sells part of his stake

EVAN Williams, a Twitter founder and its biggest individual shareholder, has sold some of his stock in the social-media company for the first time.

Mr Williams, who sits on Twitter’s board, sold more than 719,000 shares this week at prices from $US39.83 to $US40 a share, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late on Wednesday. The sales amounted to roughly $US28.7 million ($32.9m).

Including a stock gift of nearly 377,000 shares, Mr Williams shed about 1.1 million shares this week, or about 2 per cent of his stake in Twitter. As of late March, he owned 55.7 million shares, nearly 9.5 per cent of the company’s total shares.

His remaining Twitter shares are worth $US2.3 billion.

The Wall Street Journal

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