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Under pressure PIL misses another charter payment

Inactive boxship fleet to surpass 3m teu for the first time

Hin Leong Trading finances questioned

WTO predicts world trade could fall by up to 32%
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(20-02-2020, 04:08 PM)Behappyalways Wrote: Maersk warns of coronavirus impact as earnings miss expectations

"Nobody knows anything" - William Goldman

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Chaos Strikes Global Shipping

The chaos on the seas has proved a bonanza for shipping companies like Maersk, which in February cited record-high freight prices in reporting more than $2.7 billion in pretax earnings in the last three months of 2020.
Container shortage was most severe at towards the end of year till the CNY. Even for SG depending on the port of origin, container rental rates went up almost 10 fold at its peak, total freight prices about doubled. In Mar the rates dropped somewhat but stayed at very elevated levels. Crane operators, container truck drivers, many hail from Msia and commute on a daily basis. The shortage of these workers has pushed the prices up as well.

This also explains why orders are coming in fast and furious for YZJ for container ships. Barely 3 months into the year and orders this year are already >USD3B. I would be a buyer of YJZ as the order flow is very likely strong for the foreseeable future. Cant say for certain what will happen to share prices but financially they are likely to be in extremely good shape.

Very very very sure the container manufacturers are running at full capacity as well.

The toe knows. Smile
@BigToe, it takes just 2-3 years to build a ship from order, while the ship has many years of useful life for depreciation. I will probably give this sort of cycle a pass since it is beyond my circle of competence nor ability to keep track of it. That is, unless I stay somewhere near to the port like Song Seng Wun who can count the ships on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I didn't win the HDB lottery at Duxton Plains and so I am probably priced out of a move there.

The me (doesn't) know.
The sign of more inflation to come? I am really feeling that the cai-peng seller has raised their prices!

Shipping-Container Rates Top $10,000 From Asia to Europe

The cost to move goods in a shipping container to Europe from Asia shot above $10,000 for the first time on record, an index showed, underscoring the pain inflicted on exporters and importers struggling with stretched supply chains.
Not a question of "if" much higher inflation is coming but "how fast" it is going to hit us.
Commodity prices are at its highest level since the pandemic started.

The material and labor intensive products/services are going much higher as supplies are slow due to numerous restrictions. I have never been fond of properties but this time I have to admit, it is going to go much higher as it consumes the most materials and labor. New supply isnt coming on stream soon enough, leading to a shortage.

The labor crunch facing the construction is severe. This is made worse by the additional workers housing/testing/etc costs. There used to be multiple teams working at a project simultaneously but now the numbers are restricted and strict guidelines have to be followed. Cost have gone up dramatically while the pace of progress is slowed to a crawl. For the first time, developers are willing to discuss price increases faced by the contractors for half completed projects to get things done, because there is no other way.

Which explains why HDB BTO is now has 60 months waiting time. HDBs are much easier to build than commercial and other types of buildings and being managed by the government, more resources are available to them. So it is a really bad time to get a property, especially residential where demand is usually higher. Unlike previous crisis, this one actually increases property value.
It’s time to reciprocate for hijacking the news prior. The shipping rates are shaping up to be the strongest in a decade and facing the upcoming Christmas stocking up and proliferation of the delta variant. Will it get squeezed further?

[Image: WCI-Chart_2021-06-24.svg]

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Logistics News in September 2021! Continued Confusion of Supply Chain
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Global Ship Backlog Just Got Even Worse As New Supply Chain Nemesis Emerges
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The freight rates are still at a high....

Record 100 Ships Waiting to Unload Sit Off Los Angeles Coast
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