Business idea: Blog that interviews and records the real estate riches of people

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Hello all, interest check on the above! My day job is associated with property research company and honestly it's getting kinda dull so I'm looking to diversify yet not stray too far from property.

So I noticed there's no such thing in the market like the above and thought maybe there would be demand wrt to the stories of such people.

It's actually based off the idea of, and isn't really that different from the Sunday interviews with successful people on 90 cents. I'm not expecting anything cash cow to be born overnight but I'm looking to have at least a wee bit of advertising income built over 2-3 years. Any thoughts anyone?
Neat idea. However at this time when market is in a limbo, may not be the best. The soft launch need to be timed very carefully imho.

Btw how do u intend to source for such persons to interview?

Payment or benefits shouldnt be an issue as very likely most of them are pretty open to share their rags to riches stories.
will the blog be a source for IRAS to look for people to 'lim kopi' at Newton?
"... but quitting while you're ahead is not the same as quitting." - Quote from the movie American Gangster

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