OUE Lippo Healthcare (previously International Healthway Corporation)

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anyone got a piece of this?
(04-07-2013, 10:32 PM)pianist Wrote: anyone got a piece of this?
Seems no public tranche offered and PE is sky high.
pe 80 ++
fools and their $$ will soon part ways haha
Healthway is already hell... This is international hell.. in multiple..
(05-07-2013, 11:13 AM)shareinvestor1 Wrote: Healthway is already hell... This is international hell.. in multiple..
It's a rojak developer and healthcare business Dodgy
seems like it has no merits?
(06-07-2013, 12:08 AM)pianist Wrote: seems like it has no merits?
It's in the defensive healthcare bix, with the ageing populace in asia, it should reap the benefits, if it is able to execute well it's strategies. But it is way overpriced Confused
82.29140735 IHC Shares for every 1,000 HMC ordinary shares

the original shareholders of HMC would still make some decent money
Anybody knows of insider trading for this counter for this month? Seems to have BIG volume and unusual buy/selling activities... quite of few SSH are unloading shares but there has been buying/ scooping up by Andrew Aathar Ah Kong. What's the "commotion" of these conflicting trades .. Hmmm
2Q result just out.....

If we discount the huge $33.28m fair value gain on investment properties under development, IHC would have suffered a pretax loss of -$5.42m in 2Q, mainly attributable to the huge $6.273m finance expenses. It would be the same conclusion for the entire 1H. Another critical look at the 30Jun15 B/S would have revealed that IHC has been writing up the BV of its investment properties and investment properties under development through revaluation to support its rising debts taken for acquisition of other property assets.

I am not convinced on this one at all. What do fellow forumers think?

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