Nike Inc.

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I wont buy it. I cannot imagine once tightened, the sensors become faulty and I will have hard time removing the shoes.
Is Nike a good hedge in the current economic climate?

When the Yeezys first came out in 2016, I was one of the folks that lined up outside the store to acquire a pair. It was a terrific side income for me at the time because each pair could easily be “flipped” – resale for 2x–3x its retail price. Personally, I am a fan of sneakers since a great pair of shoes can be worn with any outfit you choose.

Nike and Adidas are the two footwear companies that come to mind. Since forever, these two renowned global firms from two separate continents – the United States and Europe have been hot favorites in the sectors of footwear and sportswear. Although these two firms appear to have identical business plans, there are significant variations between them.

Nike is today’s world’s most valuable apparel brand, with a market capitalization of $189 billion (as of 10th June 2022). Nike does have its fair share of criticisms – labor conditions, environmental impact, and animal welfare. With the recent tech sell-off, Nike dropped over 40%, could this be a potential opportunity to buy Nike stock?

Let’s take a look at what Nike has to offer. Let’s find out!

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