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Not bad!

The thing about karma, It always comes around and bite you when you least expected.
(29-07-2011, 09:25 AM)KopiKat Wrote:
(29-07-2011, 12:56 AM)newborn1000 Wrote: Sold everything around $1.20 quite a while back.......

This type cannot grow, not like coca cola........

but was extremely undervalued during 2009........tat time with 11% dividend if i remembered correctly.....

That was during Oct-Nov/08 when everything else was also cheap. The yield was 9%++ @ $0.6x. I don't remember if it dropped to $0.5x for your 11% yield.

Singpost, to me is also not a growth stock. I was collecting it more as an Asset Play as they have a few standalone Post Offices that may have the potential to be developed into something like their SPC (Singapore Post Centre). In the interim, the dividend yield kept me happy. But, after waiting so many years, I got impatient and divested most of it. Now that it'd dropped a bit, I may get interested again if the yield gets a bit more higher... Cool

Just got interested again as the yield is now 6.5%+, which is ~1% more compared to end-Jul when I last posted the above. Vested some yesterday and averaged down further this AM. Wish me luck and hope I don't run out of funds averaging down! Undecided

Luck & Fortune Favours those who are Prepared & Decisive when Opportunity Knocks
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Went Jurong Point shopping today and while waiting in front of SingPost, a lady approach me to buy medical insurance. Nothing surprising since i know SingPost do sell such insurance. However, while still waiting there for my wife to complete her shopping, another SingPost employee approach me again this time trying to selling me chocolates!! Since when has SingPost diversified to selling chocolates Smile
its a shop front so the more variety of products they sell the more lucrative it becomes
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Unaudited Results for 3Q ending 31 Dec 11
Press Release

SingPost reports 5.2% fall in Q3 net profit
Posted: 30 January 2012 2231 hrs

SINGAPORE : Singapore Post's (SingPost) quarterly net profit has fallen 5.2 per cent on-year on rising operating expenditures and declines in business volumes.

For the third quarter ending 31 December 2011, SingPost's net profit decreased to S$41.56 million from S$43.82 million a year ago.

Meanwhile, SingPost recorded a marginal 0.6 per cent increase in revenue to S$149.36 million, up from S$148.49 million.

The increase in revenue is fuelled primarily by growth in its logistics and retail segments.

However, SingPost said its mail segment recorded a 3.4 per cent fall in revenue on-year, as business volumes in domestic mail and international mail declined.

Total expenses were up S$4 million to S$114.5 million, increasing by 3.6 per cent from the same quarter last year.

Group chief executive officer Dr Wolfgang Baier said in a press statement that careful cost management will continue to remain a key focus for SingPost.

"We are implementing cost management initiatives and focusing on spending only in areas that will drive our growth efforts," said Dr Baier.

Earnings per share in the third quarter also fell, from 2.281 cents a year ago to 2.20 cents.
So that's why the sell down earlier.Rolleyes
Singpost ish still surviving.........but how long until, it becomes another kodak??


Can anyone explain what is "Perpetual Cumalative Securities"?
The toughest thing to do is have to wait for the opportunity patiently.
Perpetual -> no obligation to redeem, but probably at SingPost's option to redeem after certain period.

Cumalative -> if miss payment one year, it would roll into next year til forever.
So this is one type of preferred share.
The toughest thing to do is have to wait for the opportunity patiently.

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