The Hour Glass

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I am not a watch connoisseur but a good read to appreciate where all the fuzz is coming from.

Inside The Manufacture Going Where Few Have Gone Before – Inside All Four Rolex Manufacturing Facilities

After the waterproofness test and self-winding module examination, the completed watches are set into boxes of 10 for a rigorous 24-hour accuracy test. But before the test begins, the watches are photographed – exactly 24 hour later the watches will be photographed again, and the two images laid upon each other. If the images do not align perfectly, the watch will be sent back for further adjustment.

For all those watches that make it through this final stage of testing, final bracelets will be fitted, COSC tags applied, and finally, they will be placed into a completely proprietary Rolex shipping container for distribution to their destination markets.

Yes, well, Rolex has a machine in-house that can filter stones in mass to cull out anything that isn't a real diamond. The machine costs tens of thousands of dollars so I asked how frequently they received a stone from a supplier that wasn't an actual diamond. The answer? About one out of 10 million. They do it anyway, because this is Rolex
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