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Singapore Reinsurance
21-12-2017, 09:15 AM.
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RE: Singapore Reinsurance
lol...nobody's child. No wonder the share is so undervalued...investors all seem to pass by and the stock is left all alone

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22-12-2017, 06:11 PM.
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RE: Singapore Reinsurance
(20-12-2017, 12:21 PM)cyclone Wrote: As at 28 February 2017, First Capital Insurance Limited owns 115,370,835 shares.
Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is deemed to have an interest in shares held by First Capital Insurance Limited, Newline Corporate Name Limited and Newline Holdings UK Limited.

There was a married deal of 115,370,835 shares @ 0.320 this morning.

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited  has cashed out ?

(21-12-2017, 08:20 AM)ACTIVIST SPEAKS Wrote: Mitsui Sumitomo bought First Capital Insurance from Fairfax for 1.6 billion.  The deal was expected to be wrapped up in early 2018.  The sale of 19% of Singapore Reinsurance by First Capital Insurance was perhaps a pre-condition or a decision made by Mitsui Sumitomo.  In a way, Fairfax has already cashed out of Singapore  the interesting thing left is .....who is the buyer of this 19% and what are they going to do to this grossly undervalued and conservative reinsurer.

Fairfax is the no change.

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23-12-2017, 10:38 AM.
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RE: Singapore Reinsurance
Prob mild positive overall.

I quote:

"Fairfax estimates First Capital will grow from $400 million in gross premiums today to over $1 billion over time."

"Fairfax will take a 25-per-cent quota share, under which the insurer will share a certain percentage of premiums and losses.....

If First Capital writes $100 million worth of business, we’ll take a quota share of 25 per cent"

R Athappan continues on as First Capital CEO and Chairman of Fairfax Asia. I suppose he stays as Chair for SingRe as well.

The enlarged underwriting might provide more opportunities for SingRe, which has been scaling back in view of industrial dynamics.

Don't think it's a game changer though.

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