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Stamford Land
5 hours ago. (This post was last modified: 1 hour ago by cfa.)
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RE: Stamford Land
(06-06-2019, 12:32 PM)postage paid Wrote:
(06-06-2019, 12:17 PM)retired1again Wrote: It is understandable that investors who intend to dispose their shares would like to see a spike in share price. But, the loyal shareholders should be happy that the company has been exercising the discipline of doing the share buy-backs at this price range. The ultimate objective of any share buy-backs is to reward those investors who are the loyal shareholders with the benefits of lower outstanding shares and not for rewarding those who want to exit.

This is true in theory. Unfortunately we do not live forever and will need to exit someday.

Even  values are created ,  most of it will likely be shared within themselves through fair value gains , high remunerations , all kind of perks....etc. 
Others  have to wait long long , just another  forlorn dream .
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3 hours ago.
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RE: Stamford Land
For any shareholder who intends to remain as a long term shareholder, the company exercises the discipline and does share buy-backs at the lowest possible price for a period as long as possible is definitely a sound decision. On the other hand, if the company recklessly bids up the share price via the share buy-backs for the benefit of those investors who want to exit, that is definitely doing an injustice to their shareholders.

About their behaviors or perceived behaviors towards the created values (whether will that be shared with minority shareholders or just be shared within themselves, etc.), different investors may have different assessments and or views. Each shall be entitled to their own views.

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1 hour ago.
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RE: Stamford Land
I would be surprised if any minority shareholder would give a thumbs-up to majority shareholders who share the "created values" only within themselves. Will you?

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