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- Besides Giant/Cold Storage, if we do some scuttlebutt on Guardian, i would say the revamp (brighter lights, makeup kiosks and prices of a few SKUs that I tried buying) looks to be in progress and I would put Guardian into the same basket as Giant/Cold Storage. Of course, Watson looks to be doing similar stuff (and when one finds a Guardian, there is always a Watson nearby).

- Unfortunately with borders closed, there isn't a good way to check how Mannings/YH etc pan out. You have made a very good point on "turnaround theory for a conglomerate". I wouldn't use the word "fortitude" on Management though Smile Make no mistake that the Kewicks are in charge here and from their track record, they are collectors of businesses, not asset recyclers.

- There is the sexy allure of a turnaround, together with tailwinds for a Covid-19 recovery (in the near future) and the middle class gaining ground in SEA (medium term). But retail is evolving and changing customer habits are very destructive for value investors.

- Focusing on what is going to change, is highly uncertain. Focusing on what will not change is less risky. What doesn't change? Customers yesterday, today and tomorrow want good quality and value for money. They want convenience. They want to have a good shopping experience. Will DFI be able to provide all these?

- There were plans to do an IPO before Temasek came in. You just have to give it to the super(old)man lah. When superman sells, you don't buy. Scars from HPT shouldn't be going away, even though it has already been 10 years.
yes IPO or direct sale to Temasek, his timing is +/- 6 months roughly Big Grin Watch what he do rather than what he says is what I am insinuating. But so far it seems his foray into EU might be pre-mature

Sorry to digress but I thought it's interesting between two old "taipans" Hutch and Jardine
Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give. –William A. Ward

Think Asset-Business-Structure (ABS)
A Covid Zero is only economically feasible if HK has open borders with the rest of China. Getting HK opened up to China using whatever it takes, is probably the only way out. The recovery for DFI's Mannings and Maxim's are critically dependent on this.

Hong Kong faces worst of both worlds as Omicron ruins Covid Zero

Residents can no longer go to the gym or the cinema, and the once-ubiquitous banquets where people gathered to celebrate the Chinese New Year were cancelled for another year.

While the arrival of omicron and a looming vaccine requirement to enter most public venues has spurred demand over the past week, the shuttering of vaccine centers has made it difficult to get an appointment. The government is not pushing it. The mandate will only go into force on Feb 24.

A major reason Hong Kong officials have been so focused on eliminating Covid is to reopen the mainland border, its most crucial economic link.  The arrival of omicron threw a wrench into plans to restart free movement, with chief executive Lam saying this week that talks won’t resume until the omicron situation in Hong Kong comes under control. 


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